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What is a Freeman maple? It’s a hybrid blend of two other maple species that offers the best qualities of both. If you are considering growing Freeman maple trees, read on for tips on how to grow a Freeman maple and other Freeman maple information.

Freeman Maple Information

So, what is a Freeman maple? Freeman maple (Acer x freemanii) is a large shade tree that resulted from a cross between red and silver maple trees (A. rubrum x A. saccharinum). The hybrid has inherited the top qualities from each of these species. According to Freeman maple information, the tree gets its attractive form and blazing fall color from its red maple parent. Its rapid growth and broad soil tolerance are attributable to the silver maple. Growing Freeman maple trees is not difficult if you live in a region with a cool or cold winter. The tree thrives in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 7. Before you decide to start growing Freeman maple trees, you need to know that this hybrid can rise to a height of between 45 and 70 feet (14-21 m.). It does not require extensive Freeman maple care, although you’ll need to know a few important factors.

How to Grow a Freeman Maple

It’s best to start growing Freeman maple trees in full sun locations to get the best fall foliage displays. On the other hand, the soil type is less important. For optimal Freeman maple care, give the tree rich, well-draining soil, but it tolerates both dry and wet locations. Where to plant Freeman maples in your landscape? They make good specimen trees. They also work well as street trees. Remember that the species, in general, has thin and easily damaged bark. That means that the tree bark can suffer from frost as well as sunscald. Good Freeman maple care includes using tree guards to protect young transplants during the first few winters. Another potential issue in Freeman maple care is their shallow root systems. Roots can rise to the surface of the soil as these maples mature. This means that transplanting a mature tree may be dangerous to its health. When you are considering growing Freeman maple trees, you’ll need to pick a cultivar. Many are available and offer different forms and features. The cultivar ‘Armstrong’ is a good one to consider if you want an upright tree. Another upright cultivar is ‘Scarlet Sunset.' Both ‘Autumn Blaze’ and ‘Celebration’ are more compact. The former offers crimson fall color, while the latter’s leaves turn golden yellow.

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