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Lombardy Poplar Facts – Guide To Lombardy Poplar Care In The Landscape

By Teo Spengler

If you read up on Lombardy poplar tree facts, you'll find that these trees offer advantages but also many disadvantages. For more information about Lombardy poplars in landscapes, this article will help.

Bud Gall Mite Insects On Poplar Trees – Tips On Poplar Bud Gall Mite Treatment

By Teo Spengler

Microscopic though they are, bud gall mites can do significant esthetic damage to trees like poplars, cottonwoods and aspens. If you have these poplar tree pests, you?ll want to read up on procedures for getting rid of eriophyid mites on poplars. This article will help.

Poplar Tree Cankers – Learn About Canker Disease In Poplar Trees

By Jackie Carroll

Cankers are physical deformities that may indicate a serious poplar tree disease. They are often the first in a series of symptoms that can end in the death of the tree. Learn about canker disease in poplar trees in this article.

Growing Poplar Trees: Information And Tips For Planting Hybrid Poplar Trees

By Teo Spengler

Homeowners love growing poplar trees because these American natives shoot up fast, bringing shade into backyards. Are poplar trees good or bad as shade trees? Learn the factors that you must consider before growing poplar trees in this article.

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