Information About General Tree Care

Overcoming tree problems is easy once you know how to grow a tree properly. This section on caring for trees will provide you with all the tree growing info you need for reaching success. So learn what it takes to avoid common tree problems in the landscape by providing your trees with suitable growing conditions and care. Keep reading for information on how to grow a tree successfully and tips on caring for trees so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Shade Loving Conifers – Selecting Conifers For Shade Gardens

If you want a year-round ornamental tree in a shady corner of your garden, a conifer could be your answer. You’ll find more than a few shade loving conifers, and even more shade tolerant conifers to select between. Click here for a short list of plants that might work.

Vines And Trees: Do Vines Harm Trees By Growing On Them

Vines can look attractive when they grow up your taller trees. But should you let vines grow on trees? The answer is generally no, but it depends on the particular trees and vines involved. For information about the risks of vines on trees, click this article.

Why Did My Tree Suddenly Die – Common Reasons For Sudden Tree Death

You look out the window and find that your favorite tree is dead all of a sudden. It didn’t seem to have any problems, so what happened? If this is your situation, click on the following article for information on the reasons for sudden tree death.

Softwood Tree Information: Learn About Softwood Characteristics

Some trees are softwood, some are hardwood. Is the wood of softwood trees really less dense and tough than hardwood trees? Not necessarily. In fact, a few hardwood trees have softer wood than softwoods. So exactly what are softwood trees? Find out in this article.

Hardwood Information: Recognizing Hardwood Tree Characteristics

If you’ve ever bumped your head on a tree, you’ll argue that all trees have hard wood. But hardwood is a term biologists use. If you want information about hardwood tree characteristics, as well as a hardwood vs. softwood discussion, click here.

What Is A Samara And What Do Samaras Do

Flowering plants produce fruits after blooming, and the purpose of the fruits is to disperse seeds to grow new plants. Sometimes these are eaten by animals and dispersed. Other plants use the power of wind, and these include the samara producing trees. Learn more here.

Small Conifer Trees – Growing Dwarf Conifer Trees In The Landscape

Conifer trees that are small can add shape, texture, form and color to your garden. If you are thinking of growing dwarf conifer trees or just want tips on choosing dwarf conifers for the landscape, this article will help get you started.

Do Coniferous Plants Change Color – Learn About Conifer Color Change

When you hear the word “conifer,” odds are you also think evergreen. In fact, a lot of people use the words interchangeably. They’re not really the same thing, though. Click this article to learn more about conifers that change color.

Staking A Tree After Planting: Should You Stake A Tree Or Not

Tree experts advise us today that tree staking after planting can and often does more harm to a tree. Do I need to stake a tree I am planting? The answer is usually not. For more information about the “to stake a tree or not to stake a tree” issue, click this article.

What Is A Specimen Tree – Information On Planting A Specimen Tree

You’ll find lots of advice on the Internet about how to use specimen trees. But what is a specimen tree? In case you are confused, it’s not a species of tree. Rather, it’s a tree planted by itself as a stand-alone garden feature. Learn more in this article.

Small Lawn Trees – Tips On Selecting Trees For A Small Yard

Trees are a great addition to any yard or landscape. If you have a small yard to work with, however, some trees are simply too big to be feasible. Luckily, choosing small trees is easy, and the variety you have to choose from is immense. Click here to learn more.

Tree Bark Harvesting: Tips For Harvesting Tree Bark Safely

Children enjoy gathering bark from a tree to create toy boats to race in the river. But harvesting tree bark is an adult pursuit as well. Click this article for information on the many uses for tree bark and tips on how to harvest tree bark.

Ornamental Bark On Trees: Choosing Trees With Showy Bark

Ornamental trees aren’t all about foliage. Sometimes the bark is a show in and of itself, and one that can be especially welcome in the winter, when flowers and leaves have disappeared. Learn more about some of the best ornamental trees with interesting bark here.

Trees Beneath Power Lines: Should You Be Planting Trees Around Power Lines

It can be pretty upsetting when you go to work in the morning with a beautiful full tree canopy on your terrace, only to come home in the evening to find it hacked into an unnatural form. Learn about planting trees beneath power lines in this article.

Hell Strip Landscaping – Learn About Hell Strip Tree Planting

Homeowners in the area of a hell strip are often responsible for hell strip tree planting and maintenance. If you are just getting started with hell strip tree planting, you may wonder how to pick small hell strip trees. Click here for tips on what to consider in hell strip landscaping.

Flagging In Trees – What Causes Tree Branch Flagging

Tree branch flagging is not a pretty sight. What is branch flagging? It’s a condition when tree branches scattered throughout the tree’s crown turn brown and die. If you want more information about tree branch flagging, click this article.

Planting Space Along Sidewalks: Tips For Growing Trees Around Sidewalks

These days, more homeowners are taking advantage of the small areas between the street and sidewalk for additional plantings. While flowers and shrubs are excellent plants for these small sites, not all trees are suitable. Learn more about planting trees near sidewalks here.

Problems With Concrete Over Tree Roots – What To Do With Tree Roots Covered In Concrete

The concrete vs. nature argument is not a new one. As much as we all may long for a lush, green world, most of us live in a concrete jungle. Trees are often the biggest victims of this battle. Learn about concrete over tree roots in this article.

Yellow Fall Colored Trees: Trees That Turn Yellow In Autumn

If you’re a fan of trees that turn yellow in autumn, there are many yellow fall colored trees from which to choose, depending on your growing zone. Click this article for a few great suggestions on trees with yellow fall leaves.

Orange Fall Color – Types Of Trees With Orange Leaves In Autumn

Trees with orange fall foliage bring enchantment to your garden just as the last of the summer flowers are fading, depending on where you live and what trees with orange leaves you select. What trees have orange leaves in fall? Click here for some suggestions.

Red Fall Leaves: Learn About Trees With Red Foliage In Fall

Red fall leaves enrich the autumn palette and outfit the season in regal splendor. Numerous trees and shrubs can provide that searing scarlet or crimson cache to the home landscape. Learn about trees that turn red in this article.

Tree Protection On Construction Sites – Preventing Trees Tree Damage In Work Zones

Construction zones can be dangerous places, for trees as well as humans. Trees cannot protect themselves with hard hats, so it’s up to the homeowner to make sure nothing occurs to injure a tree’s health in work zones. This article has tips to help.

When Do Conifers Shed Needles – Learn Why Conifers Drop Needles

Conifers are a type of evergreen, but that doesn’t mean they are forever green. About the same time as deciduous tree leaves turn colors and fall, you’ll also see your favorite conifer dropping some needles. Click here to learn why conifers drop needles.

What Is Black Canker – Learn About Black Canker Treatment

Black canker disease can seriously disfigure trees, especially willows. Find out how to keep your trees healthy, and what to do about treating black canker disease in this article. Click here for more information.

What Is Root Pruning: Learn About Root Pruning Trees And Shrubs

What is root pruning? It is the process of cutting back long roots to encourage a tree or shrub to form new roots closer to the trunk. Tree root pruning is an essential step when you are transplanting an established tree or shrub. Learn about root pruning here.

Trees Hit By Lightning: Repairing Lightning Damaged Trees

Some 100 lightning strikes happen every second around the world, and trees are hit most often. Not all trees are equally vulnerable to lightning strikes, however, and some can be saved. Learn about repairing lightning damaged trees in this article.

Assessing Fire Damage To Trees: Tips On Repairing Burnt Trees

If your yard has trees damaged by fire, you may be able to save some of the trees. You’ll want to start helping fire damaged trees as quickly as possible. Click this article for information about fire damage to trees.

Tree Branch Growing: Tips On Planting Trees From Twigs

A great, inexpensive way to propagate your favorite trees is to try planting trees from twigs or cuttings. Growing trees from cuttings is fun and easy, as long as you follow a few simple steps. For more information, this article will help.

Powdery Mildew Fungus On Trees – How To Treat Powdery Mildew On Trees

You can prevent powdery mildew fungus on trees by using proper cultural practices but treating powdery mildew on trees is also possible. Click the following article if you want to learn how to treat trees with powdery mildew.

Plants For Winter Interest: Popular Shrubs And Trees With Winter Interest

Many gardeners like to include shrubs and trees with winter interest in their backyard landscape. You can brighten your winter landscape by selecting that possess ornamental characteristics. Click here for information about plants for winter interest.

What Is Pollarding: Tips On Pollarding A Tree

Pollard tree pruning is a method of trimming trees to control their mature size and shape, creating a uniform, ball-like canopy. Learn more about pollarding a tree, including how and when to do so, in the article that follows.

Trees And Shrubs With Red Fall Foliage: Tips On Keeping Red Trees Red

Some of us design our landscapes around fall color by choosing special trees and shrubs known for their brilliant color. But what happens when these same plants don’t turn that designated color, such as with red foliage? Click here to learn more.

What Is Coppicing: Tips On Coppicing Trees

Coppicing pruning is trimming trees or shrubs in a way that encourages them to sprout back from the roots, suckers or stumps. Click on the following article for more information about coppicing trees and coppicing techniques.

Edible Ornamental Fruits – Why Is My Ornamental Tree Fruiting

Are ornamental tree fruits edible? That really depends upon the type of tree. It also often depends upon the distinction between “edible” and “good.” Learn more about fruit from ornamental trees in this article.

What Is Pleaching: Tips On Pleaching Hedges And Trees

Pleached trees, also called espaliered trees, are used to create arbors, tunnels and arches as well as the “hedge on stilts” look. Click this article for further information about the pleaching technique and how to pleach trees.

Moving Mature Trees: When And How To Transplant A Large Tree

Sometimes you have to think about moving mature trees if they are inappropriately planted. Moving full-grown trees allows you to change your landscape dramatically and relatively quickly. This article will help.

Shaving Down Tree Roots: Tips On How To Shave Tree Roots

When tree roots become an issue, especially around walkways, and you don’t want to remove the roots, you may wonder, “Can you shave tree roots?” If so, how do you do that? The information in this article can help.

What Is An Arborist: Tips For Choosing An Arborist

When your trees have problems you are not able to solve, it may be time to call an arborist. An arborist is a tree professional. This article provides tips that will help in choosing an arborist and where to get certified arborist information.

Is My Tree Dead Or Alive: Learn How To Tell If A Tree Is Dying

If your tree doesn’t leaf out on schedule, you may start wondering “is my tree alive or dead?” You can use various tests, including the tree scratch test, to determine whether your tree is still alive. This article will help.

Best Trees For Shade: Common Trees For Shady Areas

Trees for shady areas do not all have the same shade preferences as most other shade areas. Each species of tree has its own range of shade tolerance. You can learn more about growing tree in shade and the best trees for shade here.

Arborsculpture Gardens: How To Make A Living Tree Sculpture

Dreamy gardeners often view their landscapes as living art. Arborsculpture techniques can make those fantasies come true by providing form and eco-art in its purest form. What is arborsculpture? Click this article to learn more.

What Is Heart Rot Disease: Info About Bacterial Heart Rot In Trees

Heart rot refers to a type of fungus that attacks mature trees and causes rot in the center of tree trunks and branches. The fungus damages, then destroys, a tree's structural components and, in time, makes it a safety hazard. Learn more in this article.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Disease: What Is Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Your shade tree may be in peril. Landscape trees of many types are getting bacterial leaf scorch disease by the droves. What is bacterial leaf scorch? Read this article to learn more about this devastating disease. Click here for more info.

Evergreen Tree Varieties – Learn About Common Types Of Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees and shrubs retain their foliage and remain green year round. But not all evergreens are the same. By distinguishing common evergreen tree varieties, it will be easier to find one that fits your particular landscape needs. Click here to learn more.

What Is A Graft Collar And Where Is The Tree Graft Union Located

Mature trees that have undergone this process can develop graft collar suckering, which is undesirable for numerous reasons. What is a graft collar? Learn more about graft collars in this article. Click here to get additional information.

Ring Garden Design – Planting Gardens Around Trees And Shrubs

Ring gardens offer a buffer from mechanical devices and give exposed roots some coverage. They can also perk up the yard. What are ring gardens? Click this article to learn more about planting around trees and shrubs.

Early Color Change Of Foliage: What To Do For Tree Leaves Turning Early

When autumn colors come early to your landscape, you may wonder if your plants are sick or simply confused. Luckily, we speak fluent tree and we’re happy to translate their message to you. This article will help when tree leaves turn early.

Cold Weather Damage To Trees – Pruning Winter Damaged Trees And Shrubs

Winter is hard on plants. Heavy snow, freezing ice storms, and violent wind all have the potential to damage trees. Learn the when and how to prune winter damaged trees to reinvigorate and restore them to health in this article.

Vehicle Damage To Trees: Fixing A Tree Hit By Car

Traumatic injury to trees can be a serious and even deadly problem. Vehicle injury to trees can be particularly difficult to correct since the damage is often severe. Fixing a tree hit by car is a wait and see prospect, as this article explains.

Canopy Thinning: Tips For Thinning Canopies In Trees

The lovely little tree you planted years ago can grow to become a monster. In order to increase the tree’s health and well-being of lower story plants, it is useful to thin the canopy. This article will help with that.

Types Of Weeping Trees: Common Weeping Trees For Landscaping

If you aren’t sure which weeping trees are right for your garden, we’re here to help. This article discusses some of the most common types of weeping trees for landscaping, along with their advantages to make your selection easier.

Transplanting Trees And Shrubs: How And When To Move Trees In Landscape

Moving established trees can be an intimidating project, but if it can transform your landscape or fix fundamental design problems, it’s worth the trouble. How exactly does one go about moving trees? This article explains more.

My Tree Stump Is Growing Back: How To Kill A Zombie Tree Stump

After cutting down a tree, you might find that the tree stump keeps sprouting each spring. The only way to stop the sprouts is to kill the stump. Find out how to kill a zombie tree stump in this article with tips for getting rid of tree stumps and roots.

What Is An Ornamental Tree: Types Of Ornamental Trees For Gardens

Ornamental trees have a lot to offer in the home landscape. Read this article for help in selecting a suitable ornamental tree for the landscape. Click here to get additional information.

How To Garden Beneath A Tree: Types Of Flowers To Plant Under Trees

When considering a garden beneath a tree, it is important to keep a few rules in mind. Otherwise, your garden may not flourish and you could injure the tree. Read here to learn more.

Painting Tree Trunks White: How To Paint Tree Bark

Tree trunk painting is an old-time method to seal trunks and protect them. Why do people paint trees white? Read this article to find out more about this practice and see if it's something you'd like to try.

Can You Darken A Tree That’s Been Sun Bleached?

Knowing how to color sun bleached trees will prevent the damage while allowing the natural beauty of the plant to shine through. Learn more about fixing faded bark on trees in this article.

Planting Small Trees: Tips For Choosing Trees For Small Yards

When choosing trees for small yards and gardens, you’ll probably only have room for one, so make it special. This article will help with tips for choosing a small tree for your garden.

What Is Fruit Tree Sterilization: Information On How To Sterilize A Tree

Fruit trees and ornamental specimens can drop large amounts of debris and fruit. The clutter is an eyesore and causes problems. This article discusses how to sterilize trees to avoid these issues.

Tree Topping Information – Does Tree Topping Hurt Trees

Think you can shorten a tree by cutting off the top? Topping can permanently disfigure, or even kill, a tree. Read this article for more tree topping information. Click here to learn more.

What Is Frost Crack: What To Do For Cracking Tree Trunks

During periods of cold winter nights followed by warm sunny days, you may discover frost cracks in trees. Read this article for more information on tree bark cracking. Learn more here.

What Is Tree Wound Dressing: Is It Ok To Put Wound Dressing On Trees

When trees are wounded, through pruning or accidently, some gardeners try to help by applying a tree wound dressing. But are there any real benefits of wound dressing on trees? Find out here.

Invasive Tree Root List: Trees That Have Invasive Root Systems

Did you know that the average tree has as much mass below ground as it has above ground? Invasive tree roots can be very destructive. Learn more about invasive tree roots in this article.

What Is Bacterial Canker: Bacterial Canker Symptoms And Treatment

If you notice your tree suddenly developing sunken wounds that appear to be weeping a rusty or amber-colored liquid, it may be experiencing bacterial canker symptoms. Learn more in this article.

Damage From Over Pruning: Can You Kill A Plant From Over Pruning?

Over pruning in plants can be just as bad, or even worse, than not pruning them at all. This article explores the topic of over pruning in plants and how to repair any damage, of possible.

What Are Burrknot Borers: Symptoms And Causes Of Burrknot In Trees

Grafted trees are prone to many strange tricks, sometimes sending out angry-looking spines or armies of water sprouts emerging from the bottom of the tree. Learn about burrknot of trees in this article.

Dry And Brittle Trees – What Causes Tree Branch Breaking And Brittleness

No landscape is complete without healthy trees to provide shade and structure, but when dry and brittle trees split and drop branches, you may wonder if they are worth the trouble. Find out in this article.

Can You Grow Trees From Sucker Plants: Tips On Planting A Tree Shoot

There is a lot of information on how to remove and kill suckers but very little about how to preserve them., leading many people to ask, “Can you grow trees from sucker plants?” The answer can be found here.

Rabbits Eating Bark Off Trees – Preventing Rabbit Damage To Trees

The sight of a bunny on the lawn may warm your heart, but not if it’s eating the bark off your trees. Rabbit damage to trees can cause serious injury or even the death of the tree. Learn more here.

Types Of Windbreaks: How To Create A Windbreak In The Landscape

A well-sited windbreak can provide a number of benefits to the home landscape. Read this article to learn more about how to create and care for windbreaks so you can take advantage of everything they offer.

Tree Borer Management: Signs Of Tree Borer Insects

Would you know how to identify tree borers if your trees didn't behave predictably one spring? Read here to learn more about how to identify tree borers and treatment for tree borers once this becomes an issue.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Tree: How The Age Of A Tree Is Determined

When planting trees on your property, keep the future in mind, as a number of trees can live a long time while other not so much. Read here for information on the average age of trees.

What Are Conifers: Growing Conifers In The Garden Landscape

Perhaps one of the best reasons to plant conifers in the garden is that they require very little care. Learn more about growing conifers in the garden landscape with information from this article.

Cold Hardy Palms: Cold Hardy Tropical Trees For The Landscape

Just looking at a tropical tree makes most people feel warm and relaxed. However, you don’t have to wait for your vacation south to admire a tropical tree, even if you live in a northerly climate. Learn more here.

What Are Deciduous Trees And Shrubs: Types Of Deciduous Trees And Shrubs

Deciduous shrubs and trees add vibrant blooms in spring and summer, colorful foliage in fall and then drop their leaves prior to winter’s nap. Read here to learn more about the life cycle of deciduous plants.

Tree Root Systems: Learn About Problem Tree Roots

Invasive tree roots are a common problem for homeowners and in commercial settings. They interfere with streets and sidewalks, sneak into septic lines and cause trip hazards. Learn more in this article.

Girdled Tree Help – Learn How To Fix Girdled Trees

One of the worst things that can happen to a tree is girdle trunk damage. Not only is it detrimental to the tree but it can also be frustrating. Read this article to learn more about help for girdled trees.

Cankers On Trees: How Do You Treat Cankers In A Tree

You may have noticed some unsightly cankerous looking wounds in your tree. What are tree cankers and what causes them, and how do you treat cankers in a tree once you see them? Read here to learn more.

Peeling Bark On Trees: What To Do For Trees That Have Peeling Bark

If you have notice peeling tree bark on your trees, you may be asking, “Why is bark peeling off my tree?” This article can help shed some light on the issue so you’ll know what, if anything, can be done for it.

Deciduous Tree Leafing Problems: Why Won’t My Tree Leaf Out?

Deciduous trees are trees that lose their leaves at some point during the winter. Deciduous tree leafing problems are common and can evoke anxiety but this article should help relieve any frustration.

Information On How To Get Rid Of Tree Stumps

Sometimes trees require removal. Once removed, homeowners are often left with an unsightly stump. But, with a little know how, you can easily remove these stumps. This article will help.

Trees Showing Roots: Trees With Above Ground Roots

If you’ve ever noticed a tree with above ground roots and wondered what to do about it, then you’re not alone. Surface tree roots are more common than one might think. Learn more in this article.

Signs And Symptoms Of Witches’ Broom On Trees And Shrubs

Ever seen those odd-looking, broom-like distortions in a tree? Perhaps it’s one of yours or in a tree nearby. What are these and do they cause any harm? Read here to find out more about witches’ broom disease.

Trees With Interesting Bark – Using Exfoliating Bark On Trees For Seasonal Interest

Planting exfoliating bark trees can provide year round seasonal interest. Exfoliated bark is magnificent in spring and summer and breathtaking in the fall and winter. Click here to learn more.

Filling Holes In Tree Trunks: How To Patch A Hole In A Tree Trunk Or A Hollow Tree

When trees develop holes or hollow trunks, this can be a concern for many homeowners. Will a tree with a hollow trunk or holes die? Should you be patching a tree hole or hollow tree? Read here to find out.

How To Make A Tree Straight And Stop Trees From Leaning

Most gardeners want the trees in their yard to grow straight and tall, but sometimes Mother Nature has other ideas - a leaning tree. Can you straighten a tree? Read this article to find out more.

Trees And Water – Wet Soil Trees For Standing Water Areas

If your yard has poor drainage, you need water loving trees. If you choose wisely, you can find trees that not only grow in wet, swampy area, but will thrive. Learn more about using water loving trees here.

Bareroot Planting: How To Plant Bareroot Trees

Many people buy bareroot trees and shrubs from mail order catalogs in order to take advantage of significant savings - but then wonder how to plant bareroot trees. Read here to find out.

Transplanted Tree Watering Requirements: Watering A Newly Planted Tree

If you have just completed your landscaping, you might wonder how to water newly planted trees. Watering a newly planted tree is very important for its success. This article will help.

Stopping Volunteer Trees – Managing Unwanted Tree Seedlings

When it comes to unwanted tree seedlings, or weed trees, we may be at a loss as to how to get rid of them from our yards. Read here to learn what makes tree seedlings become weed trees and how you can stop them.

Wetwood Infected Bleeding Trees: Why Do Trees Ooze Sap

A number of things can cause a tree to start showing signs of bacterial wetwood. Though not usually serious, it can be a chronic disease that can eventually cause the tree's decline. Click here for more info.

Grafting Trees: What Is Tree Grafting

Tree grafting is the most common method used for propagating trees, especially for fruit trees. Grafted trees reproduce fruit, structure and characteristics of a similar plant. Learn more about this process here.

Can Grafted Trees Revert To Their Rootstock?

Tree grafting is an excellent way to bring the best of two varieties together into a single tree. But sometimes grafted trees can revert to their original form. Learn why this happens in the following article.

Tips For Growing Grass Under A Tree

Everyone wants to enjoy a nice, lush lawn, including those of us with a tree or two in the yard. But, if you have trees in your yard, it is a safe bet that you think "Why can't I grow grass under a tree?" Click here for more.

What To Do For Storm Damage Tree’s Repair

Assessing storm damage of trees can be a daunting task. While most people begin to panic once there is noticeable tree bark damage, this doesn't have to be the case. Read this article for more info.

How To Remove Tree Sap

With its sticky, goo-like texture, tree sap quickly adheres to just about anything it comes into contact, from skin and hair to clothing, cars and more. Read here to get tips for removing tree sap.

How To Kill A Tree: Killing Trees In Your Garden

While we mostly enjoy the presence of trees in our garden, there are times when they can become a nuisance. Knowing how to kill a tree is no different from killing a weed. This article will help.

Tree Planting Tips: How And When To Plant Trees

Knowing how and when to plant trees is crucial to their success. Read this article for the best time to plant trees, how trees are sold and how to plant them correctly in the landscape.

Repairing Tree Bark Damage

Tree bark damage is not only unsightly, but can be deadly to a tree. For all intents and purposes, tree bark is the skin of the tree. Get tips for repairing tree bark damage in this article.

What Is Tree Sap?

Most people know what is tree sap but not necessarily the more scientific definition. Additionally, they may be startled by the sight of sap on their tree. Find information about sap in trees here.

Tree Disease Identification: Sooty Canker Fungus

Sooty canker is a tree disease that can cause damage to trees in warm, dry climates. If you suspect your tree may be affected, read here for steps you can take to help save the tree or prevent the problem.

Tree Sucker Removal And Tree Sucker Control

You may have noticed that an odd branch has started growing from the base or the roots of your tree. What is going on? This is sucker growth. Learn about controlling and removing tree suckers in this article.

Fall Leaf Life Cycle: Why Do Leaves Change Colors In The Autumn

While leaves changing color in the fall is wonderful to watch, it does beg the question "why do leaves change colors in the autumn?" There is a scientific answer for this, which can be found here.

What Does A Dying Tree Look Like: Signs That A Tree Is Dying

If you look at a tree and are forced to ask yourself "what does a dying tree look like?" chances are, that tree is dying. Learn how to identify a tree that is dying here.

Using Trees And Shrubs For Winter Interest

Since many herbaceous plants are not visible during winter, trees and shrubs must become the dominant figures within the landscape. Find tips on using trees and shrubs for winter interest here.

Growing Trees In Containers

Planting trees in containers is becoming more popular, especially in landscapes with little or no outside space. Find tips for growing trees in containers with information found in this article.

Trees That Please The Landscape

Trees define the landscape, creating the bones of your garden. Choose the wrong one and the appearance of your home may be diminished. Read this article to find good trees for the landscape.

How To Root Cuttings From Various Shrubs, Bushes And Trees

Unfortunately, shrubs and trees are the most expensive plants to purchase for your garden. One way to save money is to start your own from cuttings. Get tips for rooting softwood and hardwood cuttings here.