Information About Willow

Did you know there are many types of willow trees? Learning how to grow and care for a willow tree depends on what variety you have in mind, as different types may have different needs. Learn more about how to grow willows and care for them with the information provided in the following articles.

Willow Tree Growing: Learn How To Grow A Willow Tree

Willow trees are suitable for moist sites in full sun. They perform well in almost any climate. There are many types of willow trees for the home landscape. Learn how to grow a willow tree in this article.

Weeping Willow Pruning: Should I Cut Back A Weeping Willow Tree

No tree is more graceful than the beautiful weeping willow with its long tresses swaying gracefully in a breeze. But that cascading foliage and the branches that support it need to be cut back from time to time. Learn about pruning the tree in this article.

Golden Willow Information – How To Grow A Golden Willow Tree

Golden willow is like white willow in many ways but its new stems grow in a bright golden color. Growing golden willows is not difficult in the appropriate location. Click this article for more golden willow information.

Black Willow Information: How To Grow Black Willow Trees

If you are growing black willows, you know that the distinguishing feature of this tree is its dark, furrowed bark. For more black willow information, including tips about how to grow black willow trees, this article will help.

Weeping Willow Care: Tips On Planting Weeping Willow Trees

Weeping willow is a lovely, graceful tree for a large scale garden. Featuring silvery green foliage in summer and turning yellow in the fall, these are fast growing, large trees useful for screening or as a focal point in the garden. Learn more in this article.

White Willow Care: Learn How To Grow A White Willow

The white willow is a majestic tree with leaves that have a magic of their own. Tall and graceful, the undersides of its leaves are silvery white, giving the tree its common name. Click this article for more white willow information and care.

What Is Willow Scab Disease – Learn How To Treat Willow Scab Disease

Scab on willow trees usually doesn’t cause serious harm unless the black canker fungus is also present. Learn about how to recognize and treat willow scab disease in this article. Click here for additional information on this fungal problem.

Basket Willow Tree Care: Growing Willow Plants For Baskets

While the long, slender branches of most willow tree species lend themselves to creation of beautiful woven baskets, certain larger willow species are preferred. Click this article to learn more about growing willow plants for baskets.

Willow Tree Bark Is Falling Off: How To Treat Peeling Willow Bark

Although willows are not sickly trees, a few diseases and pest infestations do attack and cause willow tree problems. If willow tree bark is falling off, you may need to take action. This article provides information to help with that.

Corkscrew Willow Care: Tips For Growing A Curly Willow Tree

In spite of its downfalls, growing a curly willow tree is a worthy endeavor, and with proper care, you’ll enjoy this fascinating tree for several years. Learn more about how to grow corkscrew willow trees in this article.

Best Time To Prune Willows: How To Prune A Willow Tree

Willow trees need special pruning that begins while the tree is young. Proper pruning helps establish a graceful growth pattern and prevents damage as the tree grows. Read this article to find out how to prune a willow tree.

What Is A Flamingo Willow: Care Of Dappled Japanese Willow Tree

Japanese willow tree, also known as the dappled willow tree and flamingo willow, makes a great landscape plant. Read this article to learn more about its care. Click here for additional info.