Louisiana Planting Zones - USDA Map Of Louisiana Growing Zones

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Louisiana

(Image credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture)

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Learn About Planting Zones For Louisiana

The map above is the USDA Louisiana climate zones map. The purpose of this map is to show the growing zones for plants and trees in Louisiana. In the state of Louisiana, there are three USDA growing zones. Using the USDA planting zone map for Louisiana is very easy. Just look at the map and locate where you live in Louisiana. Match the color of the place where you live to the legend at the right. This will tell you what the USDA planting zone for Louisiana your garden is in.

In 2023, the USDA reevaluated the planting zones on the map. Historically warmer temperatures have shifted the previous zones. The zones for plants and trees in Louisiana on this map reflect these shifts. When you know what growing zone you live in, you are able to plant perennials in your garden that will grow well and will be able to survive the winter. Louisiana is fortunate in that the warm temperature zones mean that many plants will grow there.

To find plants that will grow well in your zone, you can visit a local gardening nursery or store. These places will carry plants that are meant to grow in your zone. These plants will also be marked with what the best planting zone for them is. You can plant any perennial in your garden that is your zone or lower. So, if you live in zone 8, you can grow plants in zones 8 down to zone 1.