A luxurious looking bathtub in a greenhouse
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Self care is an important step to living a healthy life. While going to a spa regularly may be something available to certain folks, it is by no means inexpensive. A long term solution might be to set up your own spa. Installing a greenhouse bath or jacuzzi will provide healing soaks in the privacy of one’s home and will pay for itself in the long run. Can you put a hot tub in a greenhouse? All you will need is a level floor, water access and electricity and your at-home spa will be complete.

Greenhouses are fairly efficient buildings that capture solar energy and maintain a consistent temperature during the day. Heated greenhouses can keep the building warm at night, as well. The numerous windows allow users of the building a 360 degree view and the plants that grow inside, bring the outdoors into the interior. Such a scenario is perfect for a greenhouse hot tub, a relaxing item to enjoy in the calm and serenity of your plant house.

Why Use a Greenhouse for Hot Tub

A greenhouse is a perfect way to protect a hot tub or jacuzzi. The unit will not get dirt, leaves, and other items blown in, keeping it fresh and clean. The windows will warm the greenhouse during the day, but the large amount of water will retain and reflect back that heat. This will keep the greenhouse warmer longer. The hot tub is also a great way to provide humidity for plants. Slow evaporation will moisten ambient air and provide light humidity to the interior of the greenhouse. Since the hot tub will be heated, it provides energy efficient benefits as the heat escapes and warms the greenhouse. Putting a spa in the greenhouse allows you to enjoy the view from around and towards the sky. The building will also protect tub users from the elements. As an added bonus,when it rains you get to enjoy the delicate tinkle of drops on the roof.

Things to Consider

In order to turn the dream into a reality, some necessary items need to be ticked off. The greenhouse will need a nice flat surface. In greenhouses with gravel floors, the unlevel surface is not ideal for a spa. A poured cement or concrete pad is the best idea. Before purchasing a hot tub, verify the size of the unit. Not all greenhouses are large enough for such an item. Also, most spas need electricity unless they are wood heated. Ventilation is a necessity with either type of spa. Buildup of moisture can cause issues with the building itself and the plants. In the case of a wood heated jacuzzi, a permanent chimney or other venting method must be in place to prevent carbon monoxide build up.

Downsides to Putting a Jacuzzi in Greenhouse

Having a spa in your greenhouse is a lovely dream. But it doesn’t come without some detriments. The biggest is chemicals. Hot tubs do not warm sufficiently to kill many microbes and bacteria. Therefore they need to be chemically treated, either with chlorine or bromine. While plants need a bit of chlorine, they can become sick if exposed to too much. Additionally, the hot tub will off-gas, releasing potentially irritating smells and irritants. Finally, size is a potential problem. Hot tubs and jacuzzis are large units. So unless the greenhouse is built around the tub, it may be impossible to fit one in through the door. The notion overall, however, is a good one. Having a jacuzzi in a greenhouse could be a win for you and your plants.

Bonnie L. Grant

Bonnie Grant is a professional landscaper with a Certification in Urban Gardening. She has been gardening and writing for 15 years. A former professional chef, she has a passion for edible landscaping.