Patio Furniture Ideas: New Outdoor Furniture For Your Garden

Outdoor Patio Furniture Overlooking Pond
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After all the effort and planning we put into our gardens, we certainly should take time to enjoy them. Being outside among our plantings can be a calm and relaxing way to ease stress and alleviate frustration. The design of our outdoor area is equally important to our garden layout. Read on for some summer garden furniture trends.

Choosing New Outdoor Furniture

Give your outdoor space the feeling you wish to impart to your family and guests such as making them feel relaxed and welcome. Your design may be sophisticated, country, or contemporary but it should be inviting. Many make their outdoor rooms an extension of the home, with a smooth and easy transition. Customize your outdoor space to fit your lifestyle.

Decorate with the appropriate outdoor furniture for garden areas. Pieces should be sturdy and hold up when subjected to the elements. Whether you enjoy your garden from a nearby patio, deck, or out in the landscape, provide comfortable seating.

The latest garden furniture trends advise the use of classic blue for cushions and seat covers, but any shade from pale gray to navy can find a place in your design. Choose fabrics that are tough and easy to maintain.

The popularity of outdoor living has sparked new trends in patio furniture ideas. Wicker offers a sturdy base, as can wrought iron or traditional wood. Teak is popular too, as is industrial metal. Coordinate with your indoor design for a flowing move between the two areas. One design thought is to keep furniture tones muted, adding color with accessories.

Outdoor Dining Furniture for Garden Areas

If you wish to move much of your dining outside, saving wear and tear on the kitchen, get a table that is big enough to comfortably accommodate whoever might drop in. Some outdoor tables have extensions to expand how many can sit there. This is an option if you sometimes draw a crowd. The dining table can do double duty if you play boardgames or do homework outside.

Outdoor tabletops are available in interesting materials such as tempered glass, metal, butcherblock, and the popular teak. Teak is said to be the strongest of all hardwoods and currently enjoying a resurgence in all types of outdoor furniture.

If your garden includes pathways or wandering trails, add a bench or two, providing seating to watch the birds and bees as they flit among the blooms. Benches are often overlooked when adding furniture to the garden but are an inexpensive and versatile means of seating.

Becca Badgett

Becca Badgett was a regular contributor to Gardening Know How for ten years. Co-author of the book How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden, Becca specializes in succulent and cactus gardening.