Plants For Sunrooms: Enjoying Sunroom Plants Year Round

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By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

A great way to enjoy some of your favorite plants year round is by implementing a sunroom for all seasons. There are many plants for sunrooms that can provide stunning interest. Let’s find out about some of the best plants to grow in a sunroom.

Sunroom for All Seasons

A sunroom is a glorious place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, watch the birds or grow a wide variety of plants. Sunroom plants are a welcome addition to any sunroom, especially in the dead of winter.

Sunrooms allow you to grow a wide variety of plants that, otherwise, would not thrive in your particular climate. Some people enjoy bringing patio plants in after the summer heat passes and allowing them to overwinter in a warm sunroom.

Best Plants to Grow in a Sunroom

Tropical plants and most houseplants are very easy to grow in a sunroom. Some of the most popular plants for sunrooms include the following:

Hanging plants in a sunroom, such as Boston ferns and spider plants, are great for a decorative touch. Many people enjoy growing a variety of citrus plants in their sunroom too.

Caring for Sunroom Plants

In order for plants to thrive, it is important that you understand their native environment and mimic it as much as possible. For instance, some plants require high humidity, excellent ventilation and protection for hot afternoon sun. Do your research before you bring your plant home so that you can provide the best care possible.

Remember, an unheated sunroom in the winter may be too cold for some plants. If the temperature drops below 45° F. (7 C.), you may want to consider a supplemental heat source to keep plants healthy.

Keep a close eye out for pests. It is important to check under leaves and use an appropriate treatment immediately if you discover a problem.

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