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A houseplant is an ideal gift. If treated right, it can thrive for years, brightening up the home and even becoming a part of the family. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. It's hard to go wrong gifting a houseplant, but it is possible to go extra right, as long as you consider your giftee's personality, their interests, and the greenness of their thumb. If you're looking for the perfect houseplant gift, consider these options:

1. For The Self-Starter

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Everyone knows a go-getter, someone who likes to tackle a project and do things themselves. They'll appreciate a gift that lets them get their hands dirty, literally, and these all-in-one starter kits are perfect for that. They have everything you need to plant, nurture, and grow your own houseplants. For a tropical paradise, choose the one with ficus and monstera. Or try the citrus starter kit, and give the gift of home-grown lemons, limes, and oranges.

Or maybe you want to choose your own tree. The tree planting kit comes with planting gloves, stakes, soil additives, and more. Just add a sapling, and your friend will be ready to plant. For the art lover or friend with a sense of humor, the Bob Ross kit provides all the elements needed to grow happy trees!

2. For The Foodie

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A houseplant can be both beautiful and practical. For your friends who love food, fresh produce, and cooking, gift a container fruit tree. This limequat citrus tree is truly unique. Even your most dedicated foodie has probably never tried a key lime crossed with a kumquat, let alone grown one!

For more traditional citrus, try a key lime tree or a Meyer lemon bush. Key limes are small, delicious, and perfect for pies, while Meyer lemons provide a tasty mix of sweet orange and tart lemon flavors.

Know someone with a sweet tooth to match their green thumb? Fruit from this ice cream banana tree really does taste like ice cream! And the tree starts fruiting in its first season, so your giftee will start reaping the rewards right away.

For the chef in your life, try an allspice tree. Not only will they have a beautiful houseplant, they'll be able to stock their spice rack with their very own allspice!

3. For The Plant Killer

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Everyone loves plants, but not everyone has a green thumb. Thankfully there are houseplants that'll tolerate neglect and a range of conditions, making them the perfect companion for your"¦ less garden-savvy friends. Variegated ficus triangularis is a beautiful plant with heart-shaped green and white leaves. Birkin philodendron provides a tropical feel with stripey leaves, and it won't mind being left alone.

Spider plant is the classic beginner houseplant. It has long, spiky leaves with a white edge, and doesn't need much care. ZZ plant is a pretty evergreen with glossy green leaves. For an easy plant with a truly unique look, choose the red Chinese evergreen. Its leaves are green with a deep pink edge.

4. For The Host With The Most

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Your friend who loves to have dinner parties and get togethers will enjoy these striking conversation starters. The money tree has a braided trunk topped by a canopy of pretty green leaves. The peace lily produces gorgeous white blooms and can grow quite large with little maintenance.

Everyone loves an orchid. The beautiful and exotic flowers come in pinks, purples, white, yellow, and beyond. Red anthurium is another unique choice, boasting bright red flowers with yellow centers, that makes an ideal dinner table centerpiece. Tropical bromeliads have spiky leaves and statement flowers in pink, red, orange, and yellow.

5. For Your Bestie (Or Yourself!)

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These are unconventional and large houseplants that may not be for everyone. You know your best friend's space better than others, so you'll know if one of these fun potted plants will fit. Does your giftee have an empty space that's just perfect for a big new addition? Ficus alii braid plant has a beautiful braided trunk and can reach five feet. Hawaiian ti will stun in an empty corner where it can show off deep red leaves and grow up to six feet.

The umbrella tree is a tropical plant with an overhanging canopy and that can grow quite tall if you let it. Grow berries right in the dining room with a pink lemonade blueberry bush. It can get up to five feet tall and wide. A bonfire peach tree is a compact fruit tree that allows you to grow tasty, juicy peaches even without the space for a full-size tree.

As long as you know your audience, you can't go wrong with a plant as a gift. Next time you're looking for a birthday gift, a housewarming present, or just a way to say you care, try one of these, or any other of the dozens of beautiful houseplants has to offer.

Mary Ellen Ellis

Mary Ellen Ellis has been gardening for over 20 years. With degrees in Chemistry and Biology, Mary Ellen's specialties are flowers, native plants, and herbs.