Information About Fennel Bulb

Growing Florence Fennel In The Vegetable Garden

Florence fennel is the bulb type of fennel that is eaten as a vegetable. All parts of the plant are fragrant and can be used in culinary applications. Florence fennel cultivation tips can be found in this article.

No Bulbs On Fennel: Getting Fennel To Produce Bulbs

So you’re fennel is not producing bulbs. Sure, the rest of the plant looks good but when you decide to dig one up, there’s no bulb on the fennel. Why is the fennel not producing bulbs? Click this article to find out how to get fennel to form bulbs.

Can You Grow Fennel In Pots: Learn How To Plant Fennel In Containers

Bulb fennel is grown for its large white bulbs that pair especially well with fish. But can you grow fennel in pots? Learn more about potted fennel plants and how to plant fennel in containers in this article. Click here for additional information.

Bulb Fennel: Learn About When And How To Harvest Fennel Bulbs

How and when do I harvest my bulb fennel? These are common questions and learning how to harvest fennel bulbs isn’t difficult at all. This article will help with how and when to harvest fennel.