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Growing beets in the garden is done for both the delicious red root and the young greens. Learn how to grow beets and get additional tips on beet root care in the following articles. You’ll also find information about different types of beets and treating common problems.

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DIY Natural Pink Beet Dye – Using Beets To Dye Clothes, Easter Eggs And Food

By Amy Grant

People have been using beets to dye fabric for centuries. Keep reading to learn how to make dye with beets for fabric, food and more.

Can You Re-Grow Beets From Tops – Do Beets Re-Grow After You Eat Them

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Trying to find ways to save in the kitchen? You can regrow beets in water and enjoy their greens. Click to find out how.

Making Beets Sweet: Tips For Growing Beets That Are Sweeter

By Amy Grant

The degree of sweetness in beets is subjective; one person may consider certain beets sweeter and another not so much. Is there a way of making beets sweeter? There are definitely some helpful secrets to growing sweet beets. Click here to find out how to grow sweeter beets.

Beet Cercospora Spot – How To Treat Cercospora Spot On Beets

By Kristi Waterworth

Growing beets can give you practically unlimited access to this healthy root vegetable, provided the plants stay healthy. Problems like Cercospora spot can cut your beet party short but, fortunately, it?s an easily treatable condition if caught early. Learn more here.

Root-Knot Nematode On Beets: How To Treat Root-Knot Nematode In Beets

By Kristi Waterworth

Healthy beets are the goal of every grower, but sometimes your plantings hold secrets you don't realize until it's too late. Root-knot nematodes are one of those unpleasant surprises. Learn more about controlling them in this article.

Mosaic Virus On Beets: How To Prevent Beet Mosaic Virus

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer

Beet mosaic virus, known scientifically as BtMV, is an unfamiliar disease for most gardeners. It can, however, show up in home gardens, especially in areas where beets or spinach are grown commercially. So what is mosaic virus on beets? Click here to learn more.

Beets With Powdery Mildew – Treating Powdery Mildew In Beet Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis

The earthy sweet flavor of beets has captured the taste buds of many, and growing these tasty root vegetables can be so rewarding. One roadblock you may come up against in your garden is beets with powdery mildew. Learn how to recognize this disease here.

Curly Top Of Beet Plants – How To Treat Curly Top In Beets

By Amy Grant

Curly top virus on beets can be easily spread to other crops. To minimize the risk of other crops contracting the disease, click this article to learn how to recognize the signs of curly top of beet plants and how to treat curly top in beets.

Southern Blight On Beets: Learn About Southern Blight Beet Treatment

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Sometimes fungus just happens regardless of your level of gardening expertise. One such fungal disease is barely noticeable until it is too late is southern blight on beets. What is southern blight? Click this article for the answer.

Beet Companion Plants: Learn About Suitable Beet Plant Companions

By Amy Grant

This year we are growing beets for the first time and wondered what is good to plant with the beets. That is, what beet plant companions might enhance their overall health and production? Turns out there is a number to choose from. Learn more here.

Beet Plant Height: Do Beets Get Big?

By Amy Grant

Squash can literally take over even when it's grown vertically, as can many tomato varieties. Cauliflower and broccoli are garden hogs too. How about root veggies like beets? How tall do beet plants grow? Find out in this article.

Fertilizing Beet Plants: Learn When And How To Fertilize Beets

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Both the root and the greens are high in vitamins and nutrients. Bigger, sweeter roots come from plants that are grown in highly fertile ground. Learn more about feeding beet plants in this article. Click here for more information.

Beet Plant Wilting: Reasons Beets Are Falling Over Or Wilting

By Amy Grant

Most beet problems stem from insects, diseases, or environmental stressors. One such issue arises when beet plants are falling over or wilting. What are some of the reasons for a beet plant wilting and is there a solution? Find out here.

Watering Schedule For Beets: How To Avoid Over Watering Beets

By Gardening Know How

Though they are considered a thirsty crop, it is important to avoid over watering beets. Too much water can lead to disease and insect infestations, and possible crop failure. Learn more about beet plant watering in this article.

Growing Golden Beets: Tips On Caring For Golden Beet Plants

By Amy Grant

I love beets, but I do not love prepping them to be cooked. I am not fond of the way it imparts its color to other roasting veggies. But fear not. There is another beet out there - the golden beet. So, what are golden beets? Find out here.

Beet Seed Planting: Can You Grow Beets From Seeds

By Amy Grant

Beets are cool season veggies grown primarily for their roots, or occasionally for the nutritious beet tops. A fairly easy vegetable to grow, the question is how do you propagate beet root? Can you grow beets from seeds? Find out here.

What Are Sugar Beets: Sugar Beet Uses And Cultivation

By Amy Grant

We've been hearing a lot about corn syrup of late, but sugars used in commercially processed foods are derived from other sources besides corn. Sugar beet plants are one such source. Learn more about growing sugar beets in this article.

Types Of Beet Plants: Learn About Different Beet Varieties

By Amy Grant

If you live in a cool climate, cultivating beets is the perfect garden project for you. There are many different beet varieties, so it's just a matter of deciding which types of beet plants you would like to grow. This article can help.

Beet Plant Flowering: How To Avoid Bolting In Beetroot

By Amy Grant

A cool weather vegetable, beets are primarily grown for their sweet roots. When the plant flowers, the energy ends up going into flowering rather than into fostering beet root size. The question then is "how to avoid bolting in beetroots?" This article will help.

Container Grown Beets: Learn About The Care Of Potted Beets

By Amy Grant

Love beets, but are devoid of garden space? Container grown beets just might be the answer. Read this article to learn about growing beets in containers so you can enjoy these tasty treats.

Deformed Beets: Reasons Why Beets Are Too Small Or Deformed

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

Beets are a favorite garden vegetable of gardeners in the United States. But what happens when you have deformed beets or your beets are too small. Learn more about these common issues with beet roots here.

What Are Beet Greens: How To Use Beet Greens And Harvesting Leafy Beet Tops

By Jackie Carroll

When someone mentions beets, you probably think of the roots, but the delicious greens are growing in popularity. Read this article to find tips on learning more about beet green benefits and how to grow them.

Beet Armyworm Control: Information On Treating And Preventing Armyworms

By Jackie Carroll

Beet armyworms are green caterpillars that feed on a wide range of ornamental and vegetable plants. The following article will help with controlling and identifying beet armyworm damage.

Picking Beets – Learn The Steps To Harvest Beets

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Learning when to harvest beets takes a little knowledge of the crop and knowing what use you have planned for the beets. Learn more about how and when to harvest beets in this article and reap their benefits.

Growing Beets – How To Grow Beets In The Garden

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Many people wonder about beets and if they can grow them at home. Growing beets is done for both the red root and the young greens. Lear how to grow beets in the garden in the article that follows.

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