Information About Kohlrabi

How To Grow Kohlrabi – Growing Kohlrabi In Your Garden

Growing kohlrabi is not the hardest thing in the world. Kohlrabi is actually somewhat easy to grow. The following article explains how to grow kohlrabi in the garden so you can enjoy the tasty crop and its benefits.

Kohlrabi Companion Plants – What To Plant With Kohlrabi

If you’re working towards an organic approach to your gardening and don’t want to use pesticides, try using kohlrabi companion plants. Click here and find out what to plant with kohlrabi in this article.

Harvesting Kohlrabi Plants: How And When To Pick Kohlrabi

While kohlrabi is normally considered a less traditional vegetable in the garden, many people grow them and enjoy their pleasing flavor. If you’re new to growing this crop, then you will likely find the following info helpful.

Eating Kohlrabi Greens: Tips For Harvesting And Cooking Kohlrabi Leaves

Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. The plant is generally grown for the bulb it produces, but the young greens are also eaten. This article will help with growing kohlrabi greens.