Information About Zone 5

Invasive Zone 5 Plants: Avoiding Common Invasive Species In Zone 5

Zone 5 invasive plants include those that also thrive in higher zones, as many of these plants are hardy into warmer regions as well. Managing invasive plants in these areas is crucial to preventing their spread to outside states. Learn more here.

Fall Planting In Zone 5: Learn About Zone 5 Fall Garden Planting

In northern climates like zone 5, we create our checklist of all the lawn and garden chores we have to complete before winter sets in. No doubt there is plenty to do in the garden in autumn, but you should add one more chore to the list: fall planting. Learn more here.

Planting In Zone 5: Gardening Tips For Zone 5

Zone 5 plants can survive winter temperatures no lower than -20 degrees Fahrenheit. If a plant is hardy in zones 5-8, it would probably not survive in zone 4 or lower or zone 9 or higher. Learn about the best plants zone 5 gardens in this article.