Caroline Bloomfield

Caroline Bloomfield

Manager of Marketing Communications

With a deep history of gardening in her background as well as master gardeners and a horticulturist in her family tree, Caroline has enjoyed living in several different regions of the country, She has learned to garden in diverse climates including the damp coastal northwest, the extraordinary heat of the south, and the chilly climes of New England. Settled in the Pacific Northwest, her surroundings include dogwood, magnolia, lilac, Japanese maple, and elm trees, as well as herbs and flowers and an occasional vegetable.

As a writer, Caroline graduated with honors from Southern Maine University in 1998 and has been creating, writing, and editing in a wide range of subject areas and voices for 19 years. Her writing background includes business communications, magazine articles, mobile security, tech and legal writing and blogging, with a special interest in SEO and UX writing. Her marketing and public relations background is based in the field of educational media. Formerly a senior litigation paralegal, Caroline adds to her gardening and writing interests as a licensed hypnotherapist, a certified Quantum healing practitioner and lover of European travel. She is also a big fan of Maui.

Caroline has been with Gardening Know How since January of 2019 as manager of marketing communications, serving in editorial and marketing capacities. Since joining the GKH team Caroline has been instrumental in assisting with various marketing campaigns, including the creation of sponsored posts in the company’s business-to-business division. She has interviewed and written detailed profiles for GKH’s community garden sponsorship program and served as liaison between grant recipients and the company. In addition to co-writing the company’s e-books and web copy, she is responsible for copy-editing hundreds of new gardening articles for the company’s website and blog, ensuring they are brand appropriate, reliable, informative, and optimized for the Internet.

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