Ripening Green, Unripe Squash

Ripening Green, Unripe Squash

By: Kathee Mierzejewski
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Toward the end of the season, there’s nothing worse than having squash still on the vine and a frost comes along and prevents them from ripening. You might think a lot of squash went to waste, but that isn’t true. You are simply left with unripe squash and you can ripen them easily. Read on to learn more.

How to Ripen Squash

You could take the unripe squash and just throw them away; but why? These squash are still good and you can ripen squash if you follow these simple procedures:

The first thing you need to do to ripen squash is to harvest all the green squash. Cut them off the vine, leaving at least a couple of inches of vine as a stem.

Bringing unripe squash indoors to ripen is a great idea, but be sure to wash them off, as there is a great threat to ripening squash of mold or rot. You don’t want to spend your time gathering all the unripe squash only to have it all rot in a pile. This is just a preventive measure to make sure they don’t succumb to mold or rot before they get a chance to ripen.

Once you wipe them off, find a warm, sunny spot for ripening squash. Without sunlight, they will just remain green and unripened. If the whole squash is unripened, turn it periodically so that it can ripen on all sides. If one side is unripened, put the green side toward the sun and it will do the job.

Remember, an early frost doesn’t mean you are stuck with unripe squash. You can ripen your squash by picking it and utilizing the sunshine.

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