The Complete Guide To Vegetable Gardening: A GKH Book


We at Gardening Know How are so happy to announce the upcoming release of our new book, The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening: Create, Cultivate, and Care for Your Perfect Edible Garden.

What’s It About?

Spring saw the release of our very first print book, Ultimate Gardening, which offers expert advice on every gardening topic under the sun, from Arbors and Annuals to Zuchinnis and Zinnias. In The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening we’re excited to dive much deeper into the world of veggies, not only dishing out facts about vegetable gardening, but taking you all the way through the process of starting or improving your own garden.

A two page spread of vegetables entitled Companion Planting

What’s In It?

Here are just a few of the things you’ll have at your fingertips with our book in your gardening arsenal:

  • Planting plans for maximizing succession planting
  • Unique growing tips for each vegetable crop
  • Soil-building expertise from the pros
  • Budget-friendly garden design ideas and inspiration
  • Seed starting and transplanting information
  • Know-how on filling raised beds and containers
  • Tips for companion planting
  • Guidance on feeding, watering, and mulching your veggie plants
  • Recommendations on the best varieties to grow
  • Harvesting advice for dozens of different vegetables

What’s It Like?

The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening is brought to you by our friends at Cool Springs Press. The book itself clocks in at 244 glossy pages with full color, high res photos.

A two page book spread of different varieties of lettuce

How Can I Get It?

The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening drops on January 2, 2024 at all places where good books are sold. Pre-order it today from your favorite online retailer.

Looking to get your hands on a copy of Ultimate Gardening? After a limited early run, our first book is on sale everywhere on February 13, 2024. Pre-order it now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Walmart, and Indigo.

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