Gardening Know How Joins The Great Grow Along

Great Grow Along launches its second virtual gardening festival March 11-20. This year’s event holds ten days of education, tips, and inspiration to gardeners and now has the backing of one of the largest digital media platforms for gardening, Gardening Know How.

Gardening Know How offers over 14,000 gardening articles online and is frequented by over 180 million garden enthusiasts each year. Its mission is to connect everyone on the planet with the joy of gardening. 

Gardening Now How chose to partner with Great Grow Along because “they are providing quality education in a fun and accessible way,” said Peggy Doyle, CEO of the Gardening Know How. “This partnership allows us to continue to push the boundaries within gardening and celebrate diversity within our community.” 

Katie Dubow, one of the co-creators of the Great Grow Along, is excited about what this partnership means for attendees. “Gardening Know How has been a leader for the last decade in bringing quality information to plant parents. With this partnership, we can provide free access to quality garden content to thousands.”

Two speakers from Gardening Know How’s new Learning Channel will debut their sessions during the event. Heather Andrews of Garden Thoughtfully will appear on Sustainability Sunday, teaching people secrets to gardening for butterflies. And Armen Adamjan of Creative Explained will wrap up the event on Sunday, March 20, with a live session to get people pumped about the growing season.

Each day of the ten-day event will be themed to guide and inform content and speakers. With 40 sessions – ranging from sustainability to DIY landscaping – first-time and seasoned gardeners will get practical advice and creative inspiration from ‘plantfluencers,’ garden experts, and industry leaders.

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Great Grow Along is a ten-day virtual garden festival, March 11-20, 2022, designed to connect with this sizeable and diverse audience. Lifestyle taste-makers, plant gurus, and cutting-edge designers will offer engaging and accessible garden content to help inexperienced gardeners be successful and fall in love with the hobby. For more information visit