Get the Dirt on Starting Your Favorite Plants from Seed

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Start Your Favorite Fruits & Vegetables From Seed

Lemons growing on a tree

Lemon Seeds

Lemons are probably the most popular fruit for gardeners to grow, or at least to want to grow. It’s probably because they’re also among the most versatile fruits on the planet.

Get all the Gardening Know How tips and tricks to grow your own lemons from seed, and then start thinking about all the ways you’re going to use them!

Tomato Seeds

Sure, they’re technically also fruit, but tomatoes are still the most common plant grown in vegetable gardens around the world.

Did you know that starting tomatoes from seed actually opens up a world of possibilities? It’s true! By starting with seeds you no longer limit yourself to the varieties available at your local garden center.

Tomatoes growing on a plant

What about your houseplants? Can you favorite inside plants be started from seed as well? Why, yes! While starting houseplants from seed is less common than propagating houseplants by other methods, it is possible. Learn more about propagating houseplants by clicking the button below.

Start Your Favorite Flowers From Seed Too

Fruits and vegetables are probably the most common plants to start from seed, but many gardeners still start their favorite flowers from seed as well. Here are a few of the most searched-for seed starting tips on Gardening Know How.


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