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There's nothing like eating a fresh, ripe apricot straight from the tree, especially when you’ve grown it yourself. Apricots are fruits that can be grown by anyone. The trees are easy to care for when you become familiar with apricot growing conditions and common apricot problems. Here you will find information on caring for apricots in the garden and how to tackle pests and disease.

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Spraying Apricot Trees – When To Spray Apricot Trees In The Garden

By Liz Baessler

If you want a healthy apricot tree, it?s essential to stay ahead of the game, and that means keeping up a rigorous spraying schedule. Click the article that follows to learn more about spraying apricot trees for pests.

Apricot Thinning: How And When Should I Thin My Apricot Tree

If you have an apricot tree in your garden, you?re probably asking yourself, ?Should I thin my apricot tree?? The answer is yes, and here?s why: apricot trees often set more fruit than the tree can support. This article will help with thinning apricots.

Apricot Seed Planting – How To Start An Apricot Tree From A Pit

By Amy Grant

Ever finish eating a succulent apricot, ready to toss the pit away, and think, hmm, this is a seed. I wonder ?can you plant an apricot seed.? If so, how do I go about planting apricot pits? Find out in this article and give it a go.

Apricot Not Blooming: Why There Are No Flowers On Apricot Trees

By Kristi Waterworth

Fresh apricots are a dream of many gardeners, but without blooms those fruits will never be. Find out how to encourage your apricot tree to bloom reliably in this article, and reasons an apricot tree won?t flower.

What Is Pit Burn: What Apricots Have Soft Center

By Amy Grant

The anticipation for those first apricots of summer may be shattered if you discover apricots that have a soft center, otherwise known as pit burn in apricots. What then is pit burn and is there a remedy? This article will help.

Apricots Do Not Ripen: Why Do My Apricots Stay Green On Tree

By Amy Grant

If you are lucky enough to have an apricot tree in your yard, you may wonder ?why do my apricots stay green? and what can be done with apricots that do not ripen? This article will help apricot fruit not ripe falling from the tree.

Fruit Split In Apricots: Why Are My Apricots Cracking Open

By Amy Grant

Apricot trees are one of the few fruit trees with hardly any issues; however, you may observe apricot skin cracking on occasion. What causes fruit split in apricots and how can you avoid splitting apricots? Read here to find out.

Apricot Fruit Drop: Causes And Treatment For Apricot Fruit Falling Off

By Kristi Waterworth

Fruit drop on apricot trees is a common occurrence, although when it happens it may seem like your plant is suddenly very sick or dying. Don't panic, read this article to learn about apricot fruit drop.

Treating Problems In Apricots: Learn About Diseases Of Apricot Trees

By Kristi Waterworth

Do you know how to identify apricot tree diseases? Well, if you're growing one, you should. Read this article to learn about treating disease problems in apricots, including what to look for.

Picking Apricots: When And How To Harvest An Apricot

By Amy Grant

An excellent source of nutrients, the questions addressed within this article pertain to apricot harvesting. Learn when and how to harvest an apricot, so you can enjoy their benefits.

Apricot Tree Problems: Tips For Controlling Insects On Apricots

By Kristi Waterworth

There's nothing like eating a fresh, ripe apricot straight from the tree. But this only happens when pests are not around. This article examines common apricot tree insects and how to treat them.

Apricot Tree Trimming: Learn When And How To Prune An Apricot Tree

By Jackie Carroll

An apricot tree looks better and produces more fruit when it?s properly pruned. Take a look at some apricot pruning tips in this article and learn how to prune your tree with confidence.

Reasons For An Apricot Tree Not Producing

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Apricots are fruits that can be grown by anyone. While easily grown, however, there are times when fruiting doesn't occur. This article explains why non-fruiting of apricots may happen.

Apricot Tree Growing In The Home Garden

By Kathee Mierzejewski

Apricot tree growing goes well in many areas and are self-fruiting, so you only need one to get yummy fruit. Learn all about growing apricots in the following article and enjoy your own tasty fruits.

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