Cranberry Companion Plants: What To Grow Near Cranberries

Pile Of Cranberries And Blueberries
cranberry companions
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Have you ever heard that old saying “we go together like peas and carrots?” Until I forayed into the world of gardening, I never quite knew what meant because, personally, I never thought peas and carrots complemented each other that well on my dinner plate. However, I found a much better explanation. As it turns out, peas and carrots are what are known as “companion plants.” Companion vegetable plants, when planted next to one another, help each other grow. Each plant in this type of relationship takes advantage of the benefit offered by the other, whether it be deterring pests, attracting beneficial insects, providing nutrients, or shade.

Sometimes plants are considered companions simply because they have similar growing requirements in terms of soil conditions, climate, etc. Whenever you decide to plant anything, you should learn about the plants that are companions to it in order to maximize your plants’ performance. This is exactly what I did with my cranberry plants. Read on to learn more about plants that grow well with cranberries.

What to Grow Near Cranberries

Cranberries are an acid-loving plant and perform best in soil with a pH reading that is between 4.0 and 5.5. Therefore, plants with similar growing requirements would make ideal companions for cranberries. Below is a list of such plants which, coincidentally, are all close relatives to cranberries. I also think, from an aesthetic point of view, these cranberry companion plants would look spectacular planted together!

Plants that grow well with cranberries:

Lastly, cranberries are known to thrive in bogs (wetlands). Therefore, bog plants such as carnivorous plants, are also known to be excellent companions for cranberries.

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