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My Guava Tree Won’t Fruit – Reasons For No Fruit On A Guava Tree

By Amy Grant

No fruit on your guava tree? There are several reasons for a guava tree not fruiting. If you are beside yourself because you have a guava tree with no fruit, take a deep breath and click this article to find out how to get guava trees to fruit.

Why Are My Guava Leaves Yellow – Dealing With Yellowing Guava Leaves

By Liz Baessler

Just like any fruit tree, guavas have a big payoff but a bigger investment, which means it can be disheartening or downright terrifying when something seems to go wrong. Click this article to learn more about recognizing and treating yellow leaves on a guava tree.

Should I Thin My Guavas – Learn How To Thin Guava Fruit

By Liz Baessler

Some gardeners are lucky enough to have a guava tree or two in their backyard. If you're one of those lucky ones, then you're probably wondering how to get the most out of your guava crop. One popular method is thinning. Learn more about this here.

Guava Cutting Propagation – Growing Guava Trees From Cuttings

By Liz Baessler

Having your very own guava tree is great. But how do you start growing a guava tree? Click on the following article to learn more about guava cutting propagation and growing guava trees from cuttings.

No Blossoms On Guava Trees: Why Won’t My Guava Bloom

By Kristi Waterworth

When the blooms on your guava fail to make their curtain call, it?s time to figure out what went wrong. We?ll help you sort through the potential issues and offer some solutions to improve your guavaless existence in this article. Click here to learn more.

Guava Tree Fertilizer: How To Feed A Guava Tree

By Shelley Pierce

There is always a bit of a challenge in determining a plant?s fertilizer requirements because variables such as frequency and quantity, for instance, can change over the course of the plant?s lifetime. Such is the case with guava trees. Click this article to learn more.

Red Or Purple Guava Leaves – Why Are My Guava Leaves Changing Color

By Teo Spengler

Guava trees are small fruit trees native to the American tropics. If your guava leaves are turning purple or red, you'll need to figure out what is wrong with your tree. Click on this article to find out why you see purple or red guava leaves on your tree.

Guava Tree Pruning – How Do I Prune My Guava Tree

By Ilana Goldowitz Jimenez, Plant Scientist & Writer

Guavas are a group of tropical trees in the Psidium genus that produce delicious fruit. Properly pruning a guava tree is an important part of its care. If you?re wondering how or when to prune guava trees, this article is for you.

Guava Bark Remedies : How To Use Guava Tree Bark

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Guava bark is especially valuable due to its high content of tannin, proteins and starch. There are many homeopathic medicines available containing guava. Before you try these, however, you should know how to use guava tree bark safely. Learn more here.

Guava Transplant Tips: When Can You Move A Guava Tree

By Teo Spengler

If your guava tree has outgrown its current location, you might be thinking of moving it. Can you move a guava tree without killing it? Transplanting a guava tree can be easy or it can be hard depending on its age and root development. Learn more in this article.

Guava Fruit Uses: Tips For Eating And Cooking With Guavas

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Guava fruit is an extremely versatile food. It also has a rich history as a medicinal, tanning agent, dye and wood source. Guava fruit uses run the gamut from sweet to savory applications. You can learn more about these uses in this article.

Strawberry Guava Plants: How To Grow A Strawberry Guava Tree

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Strawberry guava is a large shrub or small tree that is native to South America and loves a warm climate. There are some good reasons to choose strawberry guava plants over the common guava. Learn more about strawberry guava care in this article.

How To Propagate A Guava: Learn About Guava Reproduction

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Guava is a beautiful, warm-climate tree that produces fragrant blooms followed by sweet, juicy fruit. They are easy to grow, and propagating guava trees is surprisingly straightforward. Click this article to learn how to propagate a guava tree.

Growing Guava For Tea: How to Harvest Guava Tree Leaves

By Amy Grant

For centuries, picking guava tree leaves for tea. This traditional medicine has been used to treat everything from nausea to sore throats. Interested in growing guava for tea and learn how to harvest guava tree leaves? Click this article for more information.

Indoor Guava Tree Care: Learn About Guava Growing Indoors

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Can you grow guava trees inside? Fortunately for northern gardeners, guava growing indoors is very doable. If conditions are right, you may be rewarded some fragrant blooms and sweet fruit. Click on the article that follows for more information.

Guava Seed Propagation – How To Grow Guava Trees From Seed

By Amy Grant

Have you ever eaten a guava and wondered about growing guava from seed? Although seed grown guava trees don?t grow true, guava seed propagation is still a fun project. The following article contains information on how to grow guava trees from seed.

Common Types Of Guava: Learn About Common Guava Tree Varieties

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Guava fruit trees are large but not difficult to grow in the right conditions. If you have the right climate and garden space for it, you just need to understand what the different guava tree varieties are before you make your purchase. This article will help.

Guava Tree Fruiting: When Will My Guava Bear Fruit

By Amy Grant

If you are lucky enough to have a guava, you may be wondering ?when will my guava bear fruit?? Whether or not your tree has been pruned decides when it blooms and when the guava tree begins fruiting. Learn more about guava tree fruiting in this article.

Guava Disease Information: What Are Common Guava Diseases

By Kristi Waterworth

Guavas can be really special plants in the landscape if you select just the right spot. But that doesn?t mean they?re not going to develop diseases - just read this article and learn what to look for so you can spot problems early and deal with them quickly.

Guava Pest Control: Common Insects That Attack Guava Plants

By Amy Grant

Hardy the guava may be, but they do have their share of guava pest problems, most of which can be dealt with using natural pest control methods for guava trees. The following article discusses guava pests and how to deter insects on guava.

Tips On Harvesting Guavas – When Is Guava Fruit Ripe

By Amy Grant

In the right climate, USDA zone 10, guavas can bear copious quantities of fruit but knowing when to harvest guava can be the tricky part. How do you know when guava fruit is ripe and how do you harvest guava fruit? This article will help.

Growing Guava In Containers: How To Grow Guava Trees In Pots

By Amy Grant

If you love the exotic guava fruit but are lacking in garden space, have no fear, growing guava in containers is easy. Click this article to find out how to grow guava trees in pots and other guava tree container care.

Guava Plants: How To Grow And Care For Guava Fruit Trees

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Guava fruit trees are not a common sight and need a decidedly tropical habitat. Given enough guava tree information, however, it's possible to grow these trees in a greenhouse or sunroom. Learn more here.

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