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All plants perform optimally when they receive the nutrients they require in the right amounts. This is Gardening 101. However, what seems like such a simple concept is not so simple in execution! There is always a bit of a challenge in determining a plant’s fertilizer requirements because variables such as frequency and quantity, for instance, can change over the course of the plant’s lifetime. Such is the case with guava trees (USDA zones 8 through 11). Read on to learn more about feeding guava trees, including how to feed a guava and when to fertilize guava trees.

How to Feed a Guava Tree

Guavas are classified as a heavy feeder, which means they require more nutrients than an average plant. Regular applications of guava tree fertilizer are needed to keep pace with this fast-growing plant in order to ensure the production of bountiful high-quality flowers and fruit. The use of a guava tree fertilizer with a 6-6-6-2 (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium-magnesium) ratio is recommended. For each feeding, scatter the fertilizer evenly on the ground, starting a foot (31 cm.) from the trunk, then spreading out to the tree drip line. Rake it in, then water.

When to Fertilize Guava Trees

Refrain from feeding guava trees from late fall to midwinter. For new plantings, a once-a-month fertilizing regimen is recommended during the first year after the plant exhibits signs of new growth. A half-pound (227 g.) of fertilizer per tree per feeding is recommended for fertilizing a guava tree. During consecutive years of growth, you will scale back the frequency of fertilizing to three to four times per year, but you will be increasing the dose of the fertilizer up to 2 pounds (1 kg.) per tree per feeding. The use of copper and zinc nutritional sprays for fertilizing a guava tree is also suggested. Apply these foliar sprays three times a year, from spring to summer, for the first two years of growth and then once a year thereafter.

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