What Is Nufar Basil – Information About Nufar Basil Plant Care

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Anyone who loves pesto – or, for that matter, anyone who loves Italian cooking – would do well to consider growing basil in the herb garden. It’s one of the most popular flavorings in this country and remarkably easy to grow. You’ll have to choose among a host of different basil varieties, but remember to take a look at Nufar basil plants. If you haven’t heard of this variety, read on for Nufar basil plant information, including tips on how to grow Nufar basil.

What is Nufar Basil?

Even if you know and love basil, you may not be familiar with Nufar basil plants. What is Nufar basil? It’s a relatively new Genovese-type basil with a sweet, potent flavor.

All basil is terrific, but Nufar basil plants are really something special. According to Nufar basil plant information, this variety produces the most flavor-packed leaves of any basil. The Nufar leaves are big and a vibrant dark green, ideal for any dish requiring basil flavoring.

These plants grow to 36 inches (91.5 cm.) high and just keep producing textured leaves all summer long. The leaves of the high-yielding plants add punch to pesto, tomato dishes, salads, and anything else you put them in.

But perhaps the quality you’ll appreciate even more when you are growing Nufar basil is its strong disease resistance. It’s a super-healthy plant and the world’s first F1 Hybrid that is fusarium resistant.

How to Grow Nufar Basil

Like other basil plants, Nufar basil needs both a sunny location and plenty of irrigation to thrive. The other requirement for those growing Nufar basil is well-draining soil.

You’ll want to sow the seeds indoors for a faster start, or else in the soil in spring when all chance of frost is past. Select a location that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day. If transplanting, space the seedlings some 16 inches (40.5 cm.) apart. If seeding, thin the Nufar basil plants to this spacing.

Generally, you need to keep the soil moist for your Nufar basil plants. How can you tell if your basil plant requires water? Watch for wilting. According to Nufar basil info, wilting is the plant’s signal that it requires more water.

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