Mint Plant Companions – What Plants Grow Well With Mint

Mint, cherry tomatoes, and rosemary growing in containers
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If you have herbs in your garden, you likely have mint, but what other plants grow well with mint? Read on to find out about companion planting with mint and a list of mint plant companions.

Companion Planting with Mint

Companion planting is when different crops are planted near each other to control pests, aid in pollination, and to harbor beneficial insects. The byproducts of companion planting maximize garden space and increases healthy crop yields. Mint is no exception to this practice.

The aromatic aroma of mint isn’t as pleasing to many crop pests, so planting crops next to mint can deter these plant nemeses. So, what plants grow well with mint?

Plant Companions for Mint

Mint helps deter flea beetles, which chew holes in the foliage, of crops like:

Carrots are another plant companion for mint and benefit from its proximity, mint discourages carrot root fly. The pungent scent of mint confuses the insect which finds its dinner by smell. The same is true of onion flies. Planting mint next to onions will baffle the flies.

Tomatoes also benefit from comingled mint planting in this way, as the aroma of the mint deters aphids and other pests. Speaking of aphids, planting mint near your prize roses will also repel these pests.

The powerful aromatic oils of mint seem to be beneficial to all of the above mint plant companions in repelling harmful insect pests. Other plant companions for mint include:

Do keep in mind that mint is a prolific spreader, some might become invasive. Once you have mint, you will likely always have mint, and lots of it. If it keeps the aphids and other winged marauders out of the veggie garden, it’s probably a small price to pay. I’m sure you can find a way to use up all that mint in the garden – mint-pistachio pesto, peas, and mint with pancetta, or MOJITOS!

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