Mint Plant Varieties: Types Of Mint For The Garden

Mint Plant
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Mint is a fast-growing, aromatic herb plant in the Mentha genus. There are literally hundreds of mint plant varieties and far too many to name here. However, a number of these mint types are commonly grown in the garden. Keep reading for information on how to grow some of these different varieties of mint.

Growing Different Mint Plant Varieties

Most types of mint require the same, or similar, growing conditions. They like full sun to partial shade and most prefer moist but well-draining soil. Another aspect that most mint types have in common is their invasive tendency. Therefore, regardless of the types of mint grown, care should be taken in keeping these plants under control -- preferably with the use of containers. In addition to their invasiveness, consideration must also be given to spacing when growing various mint plant varieties in the garden. Different mint types should be planted as far apart as possible -- like opposite ends of the garden. Why? True mint varieties are known to cross pollinate with other types of mint when planted within close proximity. This can result in characteristics from different mint types to appear in one plant, leading to the loss of the plant's integrity with unfavorable scents or flavors.

Choosing Mint Plant Varieties

Each mint variety has its own flavor or scent, though some may be similar. Most, however, vary greatly between mint types. Be sure the type you choose not only is well suited to your growing region, but also its intended use in the garden. Not all mint varieties are used for culinary purposes. Some are better utilized for their aromatic properties or aesthetic appearances while others, like field mint, are normally treated as medicinal plants.

Types of Mint for the Garden

Listed below are some of the more commonly grown varieties of mint for the garden:

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