Indoor Bean Care Guide: Can You Grow Beans Inside

indoor beans
indoor beans
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Whether it is the middle of winter or you are hard-pressed to find space for a garden, growing plants indoors is both appealing and beneficial. For many who wish to begin growing flowers and vegetables, doing so indoors is often the only option. Luckily, many crops can be grown in limited spaces and without access to a large vegetable plot. For those looking to begin planting indoors, crops such as beans offer a great alternative to traditional methods.

Can You Grow Beans Inside?

Growing beans indoors is an excellent option for many gardeners. Not only are indoor bean plants able to thrive, but they offer growers the benefit of attractive foliage throughout the process. Their compact size and quick growth habit make them ideal for container culture as well.

Indoor Bean Care

To begin growing beans indoors, gardeners will first need to select a container. Beans do well in most larger containers, but grow best in those which are narrow and at least 8 inches (20 cm.) deep. As with any container planting, ensure that there are adequate drainage holes in the bottom of each pot.

Each container should be filled with a well-draining potting mix that has been enriched with compost. Since beans are members of the legume family, it is unlikely that additional fertilization will be necessary.

When choosing which bean cultivar to grow indoors, make certain to consider the plant’s growth habit. While it is possible to grow both pole and bush varieties of beans, each will present challenges. Pole varieties will require the addition of a trellis system, while bush bean varieties will produce on small compact plants – much easier to handle inside.

Bean seeds can be direct sown into the container according to packet instructions, usually covered with soil about an inch (2.5 cm) deep. Once the seeds have been planted, water the container well. Keep the planting consistently moist until germination occurs in approximately seven days.

From planting, indoor bean plants require temperatures of at least 60 degrees F. (15 C.) to grow and produce harvestable beans. Additionally, it is imperative that the plants receive at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day. This can be achieved through the use of grow lights or by placing the containers in a sunny window.

Water the beans as the soil becomes dry, making sure to avoid wetting the leaves. This will help to prevent the occurrence of disease.

Harvests from indoor bean plants can be made any time the pods have reached the desired size. To pick the pods from your indoor bean, carefully snap it from the plant at the stem.

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