Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett


Having grown up in a densely-populated urban area, Tonya Barnett’s first growing season proved to be one which was filled with calamity. Despite several setbacks and a complete lack of experience, her new-found love of gardening quickly flourished. Soon, her small backyard had transformed into a lush, outdoor oasis.

Though her formative growing years focused mostly on self-sufficiency and the production of a thriving vegetable garden, an increased interest in ornamental plants would lead to the collection of both common and rare species for the landscape. Today, Tonya maintains most of her focus on the seasonal establishment of a large, backyard cutting garden.

The cut flower space serves as a donation garden; where arranged flowers and bouquets are gifted to hospitals, nursing homes, and other non-profit organizations. Tonya’s continued garden journey is documented on her YouTube channel, @TONYAwiththeflowers. To date, she has produced over five hundred videos, which chronicle the evolution of her small growing space.

Tonya also manages a personal garden blog, and is responsible for the publication of several gardening ebooks related to cut flower production. In addition to the content produced for Gardening Know How, Tonya has contributed her growing tips to the Martha Stewart blog, as well as several local publications.

Plant breeding and hybridization are among Tonya’s favorite garden topics. In recent years, she has taken special interest in the selection of new ornamental plants, which have been grown from seed. Though many of these new crosses will require patience, and may not begin to bloom for several years,the results are often well worth the wait.

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