Information About Brussels Sprouts

You may love them or hate them, but growing Brussels sprouts in the vegetable garden is definitely an interesting experience. These miniature cabbages are actually quite tasty but the plants themselves are not without their share of problems. Learn how to grow Brussels sprouts with the information provide in these pages so caring for the plants in times of crises will be much easier.

How To Grow Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have gotten a bad rap. These miniature cabbage looking vegetables are extremely tasty if eaten freshly picked. Learn how to grow Brussels sprouts in this article so you can enjoy them too.

Brussels Sprouts Companion Plants – What To Grow With Brussels Sprouts

The downside of planting cruciferous relatives with Brussels sprouts is that they also share similar pests and diseases. Are there other Brussels sprouts companion plants that might be a better choice? Click this article to find out.

Winter Care For Brussels Sprouts: How To Grow Brussels Sprouts In Winter

Do Brussels sprouts need winter protection or any other special winter care? The following article contains information about how to grow Brussels sprouts in the winter and winter care for Brussels sprouts. Click here to learn more.

Pruning Brussels Sprouts: When To Prune Leaves Of Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts, it seems you either love them or hate them. If this is your first time growing your own, you might be wondering how to trim Brussels sprout plants or do you even have to trim Brussels sprouts? Learn more in this article.

Brussels Sprouts: Pests And Diseases Affecting Brussels Sprouts Plants

Brussels sprouts resemble little cabbages, arrayed on a stiff vertical stem. The rather old-fashioned vegetable has a love it or hate it reputation. The gardener needs to be wary of common issues, and this article will help.

Picking Brussel Sprouts: How To Harvest Brussel Sprouts

Harvesting Brussels sprouts provides a nutritious side dish on the table. Learning when to harvest Brussels sprouts can make your experience more flavorful. This article will help with harvesting Brussels sprouts.

Brussels Sprout Problems: What To Do For Loose Leafed, Poorly Formed Heads

Even under the best conditions, growing Brussels sprouts is a tricky challenge for a gardener. One of the issues is when the plant has loose leafed, poorly formed heads. Learn more in this article.