Savoy Express Cabbage Variety – Planting Savoy Express Seeds

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For many home vegetable growers, space can be extremely limited in the garden. Those wishing to expand their vegetable patch may feel frustrated by their limitations when it comes to growing larger crops. Plants like cabbages, for instance, require quite a bit of space and a long growing season to truly thrive. Luckily, smaller and more compact varieties have been developed for those of us hoping to make the best of our growing spaces.

The ‘Savoy Express’ cabbage variety is just one example of vegetables that are perfect for raised beds, containers, and/or urban gardens.

Growing Savoy Express Cabbages

Savoy Express hybrid cabbage is a small variety of cabbage that is quick to mature. Reaching full size in as little as 55 days, this cabbage maintains a wrinkled appearance and an exceptionally sweet taste that is perfect for culinary use. Savoy Express cabbage variety produces crisp heads which reach roughly 1 pound (0.5 kg.) in size.

Growing Savoy Express cabbages is very similar to growing other savoy cabbage cultivars. Plants in the garden can be grown from transplants, or gardeners can start their own Savoy Express seeds. Regardless of the method, it will be imperative that growers choose the correct time in which to plant into the garden.

Cabbages grow best when temperatures are cool. Most commonly, cabbage is grown as either a spring or a fall crop. Choosing when to plant cabbages will be dependent upon the temperatures in your growing zone.

Those wishing to grow Savoy Express cabbage in the spring will need to start the seeds indoors, usually about six weeks before the last expected frost date in the garden. Seeds for a fall harvest should be planted in midsummer.

Choose a well amended and well-draining location in the garden that receives full sunlight. Transplant the cabbage seedlings outdoors about two weeks before the last expected frost in the spring, or when the seedlings have several sets of true leaves in the fall.

Caring for Savoy Express Hybrid Cabbage

After transplant into the garden, the cabbages will need frequent irrigation and fertilization. Weekly watering will help to produce high quality cabbage heads.

Savoy Express cabbages will also need to be monitored for garden pests. Insects such as loopers and cabbage worms can severely damage young plants. To produce an abundant harvest of cabbage, these issues will need to be addressed and controlled.

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