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They're shapely and they're kooky, some are even spooky but they're all fun to grow! Gourds come in many types, sizes and colors with uses that are just as varied. Find out how to grow gourds in the garden along with other tips on gourd care using the information below. You may even get inspired to use them in craft projects!

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5 Ornamental Gourds To Try – Fascinating Gourd Varieties

By Laura Miller

Did you know gourds were among the first plants cultivated by early humans? Here's our list of the five most fascinating gourds to grow.

What Is A Fluted Pumpkin – Growing Nigerian Fluted Pumpkin Plants

By Amy Grant

Nigerian fluted pumpkins are consumed by 30 to 35 million people, but millions more have never even heard of them. Read on to learn about growing fluted pumpkins.

Using Decorative Gourds: Learn About Things To Do With Gourds

By Teo Spengler

If you're looking for ideas to put together ornamental gourd displays, click here. There are lots of things to do with gourds in autumn.

Are Gourds Edible: Learn About Eating Decorative Gourds

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Fall signals gourds in every shape, size, and color. Related to squash and pumpkins, one may wonder, are gourds edible? Find out here.

Luffa Pruning Tips: When Do Luffas Need Pruning

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Luffa plants are also easy to grow, but do they need pruning? Pruning luffa vines isn't necessary but can help young plants. Learn more here.

What Is A Hedgehog Gourd: How To Grow Teasel Gourd Plants

By Amy Grant

There are a myriad of fruits and vegetables - many of which most of us have never heard. Amongst those lesser known are hedgehog gourd plants or teasel gourd. What is a hedgehog gourd? Click this article to learn more.

What Is A Snake Gourd Plant: Snake Gourd Info And Growing

By Amy Grant

Looking eerily akin to dangling green serpents, snake gourds are not an item you see every day. What is a snake gourd and how do you care for a snake gourd plant? Read here to learn more.

Growing Gourd Plants: Learn How To Grow Gourds

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

Growing gourd plants is a great way to add variety to the garden. There are many types to grow and just as many things you can do with them. Learn more about how to grow gourds in this article.

Luffa Plant Care: Information On Luffa Gourd Planting

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

You've likely heard of a luffa sponge and may even have one in the shower. But did you know you can also try your hand at growing luffa plants? Learn more about a luffa gourd and how to grow it in this article.

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