Information About Leeks

Leeks are lesser known members of the same plant family as onions and garlic, providing many of the same health benefits. The flavor of growing leeks is distinct but substantially more subtle than that of their pungent cousins. But how do you grow leeks, when are leeks harvested and what other information should you know? Caring for leeks couldn’t be easier; learn how in these articles.

How To Grow Leeks And Tips For Harvesting Leeks

Growing and planting leeks is a great way to add flavor to your kitchen meals. Perhaps you may be wondering "what is a leek?" This article will help explain what they are and how to grow them in the garden.

What Are Leek Moths: Tips On Leek Moth Control

A few years ago the leek moth was seldom seen south of Ontario, Canada. Nowadays, it has become a serious pest of leeks, onions, chives and other alliums in the U.S. as well. Find out about leek moth damage and how to control these destructive pests here.

Companion Plants For Leeks: What To Grow Next To Leeks

Companion plants for leeks help prevent populations of predator insects while enhancing growing conditions. Their strong scent isn't a good combo with every plant, but a few don't mind a little onion breath and make great leek plant companions. Learn more here.

Skinny Leek Plants: Reasons Why Leeks Are Too Thin

Leeks are a cool season crop, relatively easy to grow in rich soil. They can be planted from seed or transplanted like onions from leek sets. With few pests or disease problems, the major issue when growing leeks may be scrawny looking leeks. Learn more here.

Harvesting Leek Plants: Tips On When And How To Harvest Leeks

Leeks are members of the onion family, but instead of forming a bulb, they form a long shank. Read here to learn more about picking leek plants in the garden to take advantage of all they have to offer.

How To Stop Leeks From Bolting And Going To Seed

Leeks can be an unusual but delicious vegetable to grow in the garden. A common problem with these alliums is bolting leeks. When leeks are gone to seed, they become tough and inedible. Learn how to prevent that here.