Information About Lettuce

Lettuce is a popular vegetable to grow in the home garden and how to grow lettuce successfully is important to know. While growing lettuce crops is quite easy, there are a number of things that can go wrong – like pest or disease issues. Whatever the problem, proper lettuce care and quick treatment can make all the difference. The following articles can help with that.

Growing Lettuce In The Garden – How To Grow Lettuce

If you are new to growing vegetables in a garden, you might be asking yourself, "How do I grow lettuce?" Since lettuce is a very popular vegetable, the tips in this article will help you with how to grow lettuce.

My Lettuce Seedlings Are Dying: What Causes Damping Off Of Lettuce

You’ve planted lettuce seeds in a seed starter mix. After germinating, your seedlings fall over and die one by one! Damping off can affect almost any type of seedling, including lettuce. Click here to learn what to do about damping off of lettuce.

What Causes Tipburn In Lettuce: Treating Lettuce With Tipburn

Lettuce is susceptible to a number of pests, diseases and disorders. One such disorder, lettuce with tipburn, affects commercial growers more than the home gardener. What is lettuce tipburn? Click here to find out what causes tipburn of lettuce and how to manage it.

Lettuce Downy Mildew Treatment: Signs Of Lettuce With Downy Mildew

Downy mildew in lettuce can affect both the appearance and the yield of a crop. Control methods for lettuce with downy mildew start with using resistant varieties and the use of fungicides. This article has additional information.

Nematodes On Lettuce – How To Treat Lettuce With Nematodes

Nematodes on lettuce can be very destructive, causing a range of symptoms depending on the variety of nematode pest. Generally, though, having this pest infesting your lettuce crop will cause damage, reduce yields, and possibly even wipe out your entire crop. Learn more here.

Rotting Lettuce Plants – Managing Lettuce With Soft Rot

Soft rot is a group of troublesome bacterial diseases that cause problems for gardeners around the world. Soft rot of lettuce is disheartening and extremely difficult to control. If your lettuce is rotting, there is no cure. Learn more in this article.

Companion Plants For Lettuce: What To Plant With Lettuce In The Garden

Lettuce, like a lot of plants, has some plants that it likes having as neighbors, and some that it doesn’t. By the same token, it is a good neighbor itself to some plants more than others. Click here to learn more about growing lettuce companion plants.

Regrowing Lettuce In Water: Caring For Lettuce Plants Growing In Water

Regrowing veggies in water from kitchen scraps seems to be all the rage on social media. Take lettuce, for example. Can you regrow lettuce in water? Click this article to find out how to grow lettuce from a stump of the green.

What Is Escarole: Learn How To Grow Escarole In The Garden

Among the wonderful varieties of greens available to grow late in the season there is escarole. What is escarole? Find out in this article and learn how to grow escarole and how to take care of escarole lettuce. Click here for more info.

Lettuce Aphid Information – How To Control Aphids In Lettuce

Aphids in lettuce can be a real nuisance, even a deal breaker when severely infested. Most folks dislike the idea of ingesting a extra protein in their salad. So what are lettuce aphids and is it possible to control them? Click here for more.

Lettuce And Frost: Does Lettuce Need To Be Protected From Frost

Lettuce is a veggie that does best when grown in cooler, moist conditions. But how cool is cool, and will frost damage lettuce plants? Read this article to learn more about lettuce frost protection.

Common Lettuce Pests: Lettuce Pest Control Information

Any variety of lettuce is fairly easy to grow; however, most are susceptible to insect pests that attack the lettuce and either kill if off completely or do irreparable damage. Read here to learn more about these pests.

Common Diseases Affecting Lettuce Plants: Tips For Treating Lettuce Diseases

The few issues that crop with lettuce up are usually easily solved with simple organic solutions. Find out how to treat common lettuce diseases in this article so you can prevent them in the first place.

What Is Lettuce Mosaic Virus: Information On The Treatment Of Lettuce Mosaic

There are a number of viruses that can infect your lettuce crop, but one of the more common is lettuce mosaic virus or LMV. Lettuce mosaic virus can infect all lettuce types. Read this article for tips on its control.

Why Lettuce Has Flowers: Tips For Preventing Bolting Lettuce Plants

Interestingly enough, flowering and bolting are the same thing. When our lettuce is flowering, the crop will not be as good, if at all. For tips on preventing lettuce bolt, read the article that follows.

Growing Lettuce Indoors: Information On Caring For Indoor Lettuce

Perhaps you don’t have adequate garden space; but, with the right tools, you can have fresh lettuce all year. It is extremely easy to get started growing lettuce indoors, and the tips in this article can help.

Different Lettuce Types: Varieties Of Lettuce For The Garden

There are five groups of lettuce categorized by head formation or leaf type. Each of these lettuce varieties offers a unique flavor and texture. Learn more about the different lettuce types in this article.

Head Lettuce Problems: What To Do For No Head On Lettuce Plants

Crisp, sweet head lettuce is a mainstay for those first barbequed burgers and spring salads. Gardeners in warmer climates with shorter cold periods may find they get no head on lettuce crops. Learn more here.

Picking Lettuce Heads: How To Harvest Lettuce

Harvesting heads of lettuce is a great way to save money and ensure the main ingredient in your salads is healthy and pesticide and disease free. Learning how to harvest lettuce is not complicated. This article will help.

Mesclun Greens – What Is Mesclun And How To Grow It

Mesclun greens are valued for their color, variety, nutrient packed punch and mix of flavors. Find out how to grow mesclun mix greens in the garden with tips found in the article that follows.

Growing Microgreens: Planting Lettuce Microgreens In Your Garden

Microgreens are an interesting and tasty way to introduce more veggies. What are microgreens? The following article will explain more as well as how to grow microgreens in the garden.

How To Grow Lettuce In A Container

Container growing lettuce is a common practice for small space gardeners such as apartment dwellers. Read here to get tips for growing lettuce in containers so you can take advantage of its practicality.

How To Grow Arugula – Growing Arugula From Seed

What is arugula? It’s a specialty item in the lettuce section of your grocery that can be costly. Growing arugula from seed is easy either in your garden or in a pot on your balcony. Learn more in this article.

Bitter Tasting Lettuce – Why Is My Lettuce Bitter?

Nothing tastes better than crisp lettuce straight from the garden. But what happens when your lettuce comes out bitter tasting? Read this article to find out what causes bitter lettuce and what can be done about it.

Harvesting Leaf Lettuce: How And When To Pick Leaf Lettuce

Picking loose leaf lettuce with the “cut and come again” method will extend the growing period and provide you with greens well into the summer months. Click on the following article to find out how to harvest leaf lettuce using this method.

How To Grow Endive Lettuce

Growing endive really isn't too terribly difficult. Endive grows somewhat like lettuce because it is part of the lettuce family. Learn more about growing and caring for endive lettuce in the following article.

Cleaning Lettuce: How To Clean And Store Garden Lettuce

Knowing how to clean and store garden lettuce is more important than one might think. No one wants to eat dirty or sandy lettuce. Find tips for cleaning and storing lettuce from the garden in this article.