Carmona Lettuce Information: Growing Carmona Lettuce In The Garden

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Classic butter lettuce has the gentle toothiness and flavor that is perfect for salads and other dishes. The Carmona lettuce plant goes one bigger by flaunting a beautiful, maroon-red color. Plus, it's a hardy variety that can tolerate frost. Keep reading for some helpful Carmona lettuce information, including growing tips.

Carmona Lettuce Information

Carmona red lettuce is deeply pinkish-red on the tips, with a shocking green center. The leaves are very attractive and really brighten up a salad. The Carmona lettuce plant is ready for harvest in approximately 50 days and may be sown in spring or late summer in some zones. Carmona lettuce is a popular variety at Farmer's Markets and a Canadian heirloom. Gardeners in USDA zones 3 to 9 should try growing Carmona lettuce. Not only is it visually appealing but the buttery texture and sweet taste make an outstanding lettuce. The heads are loosely packed with ruffled leaves and a white core. You can cut outer leaves when the plant is young at least once but, thereafter, wait until the whole head is ready to harvest. While lettuce is a cool season crop that prefers well-draining soil, it can also grow very well in containers. Carmona red lettuce is useful in a mixed greens container with a variety of shapes and colors of lettuce.

Growing Carmona Lettuce

Prepare soil as soon as it is workable. Carmona lettuce grows best at temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (16-18 C.) but will germinate as low as 45 (7 C.). You may also opt to start the seed indoors in March and plant out once the danger of frost has passed. Incorporate plenty of nitrogen rich organic material prior to planting and check drainage. Lettuces will rot readily in boggy soil. Cover seed lightly with soil and water well. Keep the bed moderately moist until germination. Thin seedlings where they are tightly packed. Sow every 2 weeks for a continuous supply. Cover summer lettuce with shade cloth.

Caring for Carmona Lettuce

Carmona is slow to bolt and has disease resistance to many common lettuce ailments. It is also resistant to tipburn. Cut the outer leaves for use at any time and harvest the head for baby greens or let it fully mature. Slugs and snails are your worst enemy. Use copper tape or an organic product like Sluggo to protect the tender leaves. Excess moisture can produce several fungal diseases. Make sure there is adequate spacing between the heads and only water under the leaves when soil is dry to the touch. You can store Carmona lettuce for up to 2 weeks in a cool, dark location.

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