What Is Oscarde Lettuce: Learn How To Grow Oscarde Lettuce Plants

Oscarde Lettuce Plant
(Image credit: Dwight Sipler)

The addition of lettuce in the home garden is a very popular choice for growers wishing to extend their gardening season, as well as add variety to their homegrown vegetable plots. In addition to being one of the earliest sown vegetables, lettuce plants can also be grown throughout the fall to extend the harvest period into winter. Many lettuces, such as ‘Oscarde,’ offer its growers a crisp texture, as well as a vibrant pop of color.

What is Oscarde Lettuce?

Oscarde lettuce plants are an oakleaf variety of loose-leaf lettuce. Prized by growers for their stunning reddish purple color, these plants offer gardeners a delicious disease resistant green that is perfectly suited for a variety of garden growing conditions. Reaching maturity in as little as 30 days, Oscarde lettuce seeds are excellent candidates for early season and succession sowing.

Growing Oscarde Lettuce

Oscarde lettuce plants prefer to grow when temperatures are cool. Therefore, growers must first determine the best planting time for their garden. Oscarde lettuce seeds are most commonly directly sown into the garden in early spring, around a month before the last predicted frost date. However, those unable to do so also have the option of starting the lettuce plants indoors and then planting out into the garden, or even planting in fall. Due to its quick growth, size, and habit, this variety is an exceptional choice for growers wishing to make intensive plantings in the ground or in pots and containers. To grow lettuce in containers, thickly surface sow the seeds and water thoroughly. Harvest young leaves frequently for tender salad greens. Lettuce should be planted in a well-draining location that receives ample sunlight. Gardeners growing where temperatures are warm may want to protect plants from excessive afternoon heat, as this can directly impact the quality of plants. Like many other varieties of lettuce, Oscarde may become bitter and eventually bolt (produce seed) when grown in or exposed to higher temperatures for a long period of time. Throughout the season, Oscarde lettuce plants require minimal care, aside from consistent watering. Frequent monitoring of crops will help growers avoid loss due to pests such as aphids, slugs, and garden snails.

Tonya Barnett

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