Information About Peanuts

Plant Your Own Peanuts – How To Grow Peanuts

Did you know that you can plant your own peanuts at home? This hot-season crop is actually easy to grow in a home garden. Read this article to learn more about them and how to grow peanuts in your garden.

Using Peanuts To Improve Soil – What Are Benefits Of Peanuts In Soil

Peanuts are legumes and, like all legumes, have the amazing ability to fix valuable nitrogen into the soil. Not only are you improving the soil with peanut planting but will end up with a tasty, nutrient rich snack for the family. Learn more here.

What Are Bunch Peanuts: Learn About Bunch Peanut Plants

Peanuts are a huge agricultural crop in the southeastern United States. All that peanut butter has to come from somewhere. Beyond that, however, they’re also a fun and fascinating plant to grow in the garden. Learn about bunch type peanuts in this article.

Peanut Companion Plants – Learn About Companion Planting With Peanuts

Particular growing requirements for peanuts mean any plants grown nearby must also like full sun, well-drained soil and deeply fertile sandy loam. What are good companions to peanuts? The answer is quite extensive and may surprise you. Learn more here.

Perennial Peanut Plants – Caring For Ornamental Peanuts In The Garden

Perennial peanut plants are highly effective as a groundcover and soil stabilizer in sunny areas. They are often grown for their ornamental value and can be used as a lawn substitute. Learn more about these plants in this article.

Container Grown Peanuts: How To Grow Peanut Plants In Containers

While they may be the pride of the South, those of us in northern areas can still grow peanuts. We need only grow them in containers to extend the growing season and keep them warm. Learn how to grow peanut plants in containers here.

Planting Peanut Seeds: How Do You Plant Peanut Seeds

Peanuts are entwined into the fabric of America. For that reason, you might be wondering about growing peanuts from seeds. How do you plant peanut seeds? Click the article that follows to find out about planting peanut seeds at home.

Peanut Storing: Learn About Post Harvest Peanut Curing

Peanut curing (drying) does not occur in gardens. Curing peanuts may be accomplished via natural drying or mechanical drying following their harvest. Learn more about post harvest peanut curing in this article.

Harvesting Peanuts: When And How Are Peanuts Harvested In Gardens

Peanuts are members of the legume family along with beans and peas. Read this article to learn more about peanut harvest time, including how and when to dig up peanuts in the garden.