Pepper Fertilizer: How And When To Fertilize Peppers

Pepper Fertilizer: How And When To Fertilize Peppers

By: Kathee Mierzejewski
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Peppers usually require a longer season than most other plants. They tend to grow slowly when the temperatures are cooler, and faster when the temperatures are higher. Because of this, fertilizing pepper plants is essential to their health. But this can leave a gardener with many questions like, “What is the best fertilizer for pepper plants?” and “When do you fertilize peppers?”

Best Time to Fertilize Peppers

Fertilizing pepper plants is pretty simple. Fertilizing pepper plants is usually first done when you first transplant the pepper plants that you purchase at the garden center or grow indoors.

You can fertilize peppers again once you see dime-size fruits. Be very cautious with this particular application. If you fertilize peppers with too much nitrogen, you can kill the plants.

Be sure to water frequently when you fertilize peppers so the ground doesn’t become too concentrated with fertilizer.

What is the Best Fertilizer for Pepper Plants

Pepper fertilizer applications of 5-10-10 can be used. For every 100 square feet, use about 3 pounds. When you first plant the pepper plants, use this pepper fertilizer before you put the plants into the ground, then once fruit appears, you can use it again.

You can also use well rotted manure and compost for fertilizing pepper plants. These organic fertilizers release more slowly into the soil and give a longer run of nutrients to your pepper plants.

Of course, when it comes to fertilizing pepper plants, the best kind of fertilizer really depends on your soil. If you want to be completely accurate with your pepper fertilizer, have a soil test done to find specific deficiencies. Many extension services will test your soil for free or for a small fee.

Regardless of what you do, keep your pepper plants healthy and happy by following all water and cultivation instructions that come with your plant. Fertilizing regularly definitely increases your crop. If you follow the instructions and fertilize accordingly, your crop should do quite well!

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