Winter Squash Varieties: How To Choose A Winter Squash Plant

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When it comes to types of winter squash, gardeners have a huge selection from which to choose. Winter squash varieties include large, medium and small squash in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Growing winter squash is easy and the sprawling vines grow like crazy with a couple of very basic requirements – fertile, well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight.

Wondering how to choose a winter squash for your garden? Read on for more details about different kinds of winter squash.

Winter Squash Varieties

AcornAcorn squash is a small squash with a thick, green and orange rind. The orange-yellow flesh has a sweet, nutty flavor.

Buttercup – Buttercup squash is similar in size to acorn squash, but the shape is round and squat. Buttercup’s rind is dark green with pale gray-green stripes. The bright orange flesh is sweet and creamy.

ButternutButternut squash is pear-shaped with a smooth, butter-yellow rind. The bright orange flesh has a nutty, sweet flavor.

DelicataDelicata squash has a flavor much like sweet potatoes, and this small squash is often known as the “sweet potato squash.” The skin is creamy yellow with green stripes, and the flesh is yellow-orange.

Blue Hokkaido – Blue Hokkaido squash, which is actually a type of pumpkin, has a deliciously sweet, nutty flavor. The skin is grayish-blue and the flesh is bright orange.

HubbardHubbard squash, with a chunky teardrop shape, is one of the largest types of winter squash. The bumpy rind may be gray, green or bluish-gray.

BananaBanana squash is a huge squash with an elongated shape. The rind may be pink, orange or blue and the flesh is bright orange. Many people consider banana squash to be one of the most versatile and flavorful winter squash varieties.

Turban – Turban squash is a large squash with a rounded bump on the top, much like a turban. While turban squash is often used for its ornamental value, it is edible with a sweet, mild flavor.

Sweet Dumpling – Sweet dumpling squash is one of the smallest kinds of winter squash. The rind is off-white, with yellow or green speckles. The golden flesh is sweet and nutty.

SpaghettiSpaghetti squash is a large, pale yellow squash with an oblong shape. Once cooked, the stringy golden flesh resembles spaghetti, and often serves as a spaghetti substitute.

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