Eva Purple Ball Care: How To Grow An Eva Purple Ball Tomato Plant

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Sweet, tender, and juicy, Eva Purple Ball tomatoes are heirloom plants believed to have originated in Germany’s Black Forest, probably in the late 1800's. Eva Purple Ball tomato plants produce round, smooth fruit with cherry red flesh and an excellent flavor. These attractive, all-purpose tomatoes tend to be disease-resistant and free of blemishes, even in hot, humid climates. Weight of each tomato at ripeness ranges from 5 to 7 ounces (142-198 g.). If you haven’t tried your hand at heirloom vegetables, growing Eva Purple Ball tomatoes is a good way to start. Read on and learn how to grow an Eva Purple Ball tomato plant.

Eva Purple Ball Care

Growing Eva Purple Ball tomatoes and their subsequent care is no different than when growing any other tomato plant. Like many heirloom tomatoes, Eva purple ball tomato plants are indeterminate, which means they will continue to grow and produce fruit until they are nipped by the first frost. The large, vigorous plants should be supported with stakes, cages, or trellises. Mulch the soil around Eva Purple Ball tomatoes to conserve moisture, keep the soil warm, slow growth of weeds, and prevent water from splashing on the leaves. Water these tomato plants with a soaker hose or drip irrigation system. Avoid overhead watering, which can promote disease. Also, avoid watering excessively. Too much moisture may cause splits and tends to dilute the flavor of the fruit. Prune the tomato plants as needed to remove suckers and improve air circulation around the plant. Pruning also encourages more fruit to develop on the upper part of the plant. Harvest Eva Purple Ball tomatoes as soon as they ripen. They are easy to pick and may even fall from the plant if you wait too long.

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