Small Fry Plant Care: Tips For Growing Small Fry Tomatoes

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Small Fry tomato plants may be just the ticket if your growing space is limited, or if you simply love the flavor of juicy little cherry tomatoes.

The Small Fry tomato variety is a dwarf plant, ideally suited for growing in containers or a sunny spot in your garden. Growing Small Fry tomato plants is easy: just begin by planting seeds indoors or purchase small plants ready for planting outdoors.

Read on to learn all you need to know about growing Small Fry tomatoes.

How to Grow Small Fry Tomatoes in the Ground

Growing Small Fry tomatoes is possible in spring, when you’re sure frosty nights are over. Plant them in a sunny location, as tomatoes need a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day.

Loosen the soil and dig in 3 to 4 inches (4-10 cm.) of compost or manure. Dig a deep hole and plant the tomato with most of the stem buried but the top leaves above the ground. (You can even dig a trench and plant the tomato sideways.)

Unlike other vegetables, planting deep in the ground creates stronger, healthier plants. Add a tomato cage or trellis at planting time to support the plant and keep the leaves and stems from resting on the ground. Mulch around the plants after the ground is warm.

Growing Small Fry Tomatoes in Containers

Like in-ground tomatoes, containerized tomatoes should be planted only when you’re sure the danger of frost has passed.

Prepare a large container with a sturdy bottom, as Small Fry tomato plants can reach heights of 2 to 4 feet (61cm. to 1 m.). Be sure the container has at least one good drainage hole.

Fill the container with good-quality potting mix (not garden soil). Add a slow-release fertilizer if the potting mix doesn’t have fertilizer pre-added.

Dig a hole deep enough to bury about two-thirds of the stem. Add a tomato cage, trellis, or other support. This is best done at planting time; installing supports later may damage the roots. Provide a layer of mulch to keep the soil moist and warm.

Small Fry Plant Care

Water whenever the top of the soil feels dry, but not to the point of sogginess. Small Fry tomatoes in pots may require water daily (or even twice), during hot, dry weather. Water at the base of the plants, preferably early in the day. Avoid overhead irrigation, which may promote disease. Keep hot caps or other covering handy in case of an unexpected freeze. Fertilize regularly throughout the season.

Remove small suckers that grow in the crotch of branches. The suckers will draw energy from the plant. Watch for pests such as tomato hornworms, which can be picked off by hand. Most other pests, including aphids, can be controlled with insecticidal soap spray.

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