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By Kathleen Mierzejewski

If you have a vegetable garden and have planted tomatoes, you might be looking at the yellow leaves on tomato plants and asking, “What do yellowing leaves on tomato plants suggest?” Truth be known, tomato plants leaves turn yellow for many different reasons. Yellow tomato leaves don’t, however, have to mean that the plant is failing. Let’s take a look at the reasons why tomato plant leaves turn yellow.

Leaves of My Tomato Plant are Turning Yellow

If you only see a few yellow tomato leaves toward the bottom of the plant, you have nothing to worry about. The leaves of tomato plant turning yellow at the bottom of the plant means these leaves probably aren’t getting the nutrients from the soil and aren’t getting sunshine. This especially happens when the plant is more mature and bearing fruit.

Tomato plants leaves turn yellow for a variety of reasons, some of which aren’t as simple as the plant maturing. Regardless of the issue, whenever there are yellow leaves on tomato plants, it warrants a thorough check as to what the problem could be. You never know what you will run across, and it could be detrimental not only to your tomato plants with their yellow tomato leaves, but to the rest of your garden as well.

Why Tomato Plant Leaves Turn Yellow

If you find the leaves of tomato plant turning yellow in your garden, you want to figure out what is causing the issue. It could be something as simple as a lack of nitrogen in your soil. If this is the case, you could check the nitrogen level of your soil, or you could just add a little bit of nutritious matter to the soil and watch to see if the yellow tomato leaves don’t just green up for you.

When tomato plants leaves turn yellow, it could be from a fungus or bacterial problem, like Alternaria alternata or other tomato diseases. If disease is the case, you will want to treat this accordingly.

Sometimes yellow leaves on tomato plants mean that there is a pest problem that needs to be handled. You might have caterpillars or worms affecting the health of the plant and may need to handle this issue with an organic pesticide.

Before you go making any adjustments, however, check the soil around your plants if your tomato plants leaves turn yellow. If the soil isn’t wet enough, you might be under watering the tomato plants; yellow tomato leaves could be a sign of lack of water. A drip hose is an excellent way to water the soil regularly to help prevent yellow leaves on your tomato plants.

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