Information About Turnips

Turnip plants are cool season vegetables that can be grown for both their roots and their nutritious greens. To get the most from your turnip harvest, it helps to have the right turnip plant care information. That’s where we come in. The articles that follow will help with growing turnips in the garden.

Tips For Turnips Growing In Your Garden

Like any root vegetable, turnips do well along with carrots and radishes. They are easy and can be planted either in the spring or in the late summer. Look at how to grow turnips in this article.

Turnips Are Cracking: What Causes Turnips To Crack Or Rot

Turnips are cool season vegetables grown for both their roots and for their nutrient rich green tops. Sometimes you may see cracked roots on your turnips or rotten turnip roots. What causes turnips to crack and how can you fix turnip cracking? Find out here.

Bolting of Turnips: What To Do When A Turnip Plant Bolts

Turnips are a popular, cool season root crop grown in many parts of the United States. But is it still good to eat once it's bolted? Learn more about why turnips go to seed and what to do when a turnip plant bolts here.

Harvesting A Turnip Root: How And When To Harvest Turnips

Turnips grow quickly and are ready for harvest in as little as two months. There are many varieties to choose from and each has a slightly different mature date. When are turnips ready for picking? Find out in this article.

Growing Turnip Greens: Learn About The Health Benefits Of Turnip Greens

The bulbous roots of turnip plants are often eaten as a vegetable, but the greens provide a zesty cooked side dish too. There are many health benefits of turnip greens. Read here for tips on how and when to pick turnip greens.