Planting Bulbs in Autumn

Bulbs are the gift you forgot you gave yourself. Plant them in the fall, and they’ll pop up after the snows have melted to bring some much-needed post-winter color to your life.

Below are some of our very favorite flowering bulbs that you can plant in the fall. Click the images to learn more.

How to Plant Bulbs the Right Way

You’ve got your bulbs in hand… So what now? Here are some of tried-and-tested tips for planting your bulbs right to ensure they keep blooming season after season.

Tulips growing in containers

Planting Bulbs Lasagna Style

Who’s hungry? No, this technique doesn’t have anything to do with pasta, but it is a great way to get waves of spring flowers one after the other.

Soil Requirements for Bulbs

Can bulbs grow just anywhere, or do they need special treatment? It all depends on what you’re planting, and where.

Five flower bulbs sitting on a strip of soil

Small But Mighty

Not all flowers have to be big, bold showstoppers. In fact, with their delicate and tiny flowers, these bulbs can still pack a big punch.

Click the images below to learn more about some of our favorite small perennial flower bulbs.

Advanced Bulb Care

Okay, so you’ve had a successful year with your flowering bulbs, but what’s next? Here are some of our top tips for post-season bulb care.

Bulbs After Blooming

Just because your bulbs are done flowering doesn’t mean they’re down for the count. What should you do with your bulbs after they’ve finished blooming?

A hand in a black sleeve holds out an amaryllis bulb against a white background
Three daffodil bulbs against a white background

Dividing Bulbs

Your bulbs are multiplying, even if you can’t see them doing it. Regular dividing will give you more flowers and stronger plants.

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