Can You Keep Rabbits Outdoors: Tips For Raising Backyard Rabbits

Two Bunny Rabbits Outdoors
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From chickens to pigs, interest in raising animals at home has grown exponentially. This, of course, is not without obstacles. City regulations, lack of space, and complex animal needs all contribute to the long list of considerations before deciding to take the next step in raising animals. It is easy to understand why some people search for low maintenance choices.

For many, raising backyard rabbits has been a viable option for efficiently using the available space.

Can You Keep Rabbits Outdoors?

There are many reasons to begin keeping backyard bunnies. Rabbits in the garden are an excellent way to get free manure fertilizer. While some may raise rabbits as pets, others may choose to raise them for meat. Regardless of the purpose, it’s important to become familiar with their specific needs.

Most importantly, owners need to examine the rabbits’ need for protection against factors such as weather and potential predators. With this in mind, raising backyard rabbits outdoors can be done easily and efficiently.

How to Raise Rabbits

When keeping backyard bunnies, you will need to ensure access to shelter and food. The type of shelter required will depend on the type and number of rabbits. While rabbit hutches are an excellent option for smaller types, larger rabbits may need custom built enclosures.

It is vital that rabbits are provided with ample shelter, specifically shade, and access to cool areas during extreme heat. While many rabbits are tolerant to cold temperatures, heat can be especially problematic. Other equipment needed will include feeders, watering devices, and nesting boxes.

In researching how to raise rabbits outdoors, you will also need to verify whether or not it is legal to raise backyard rabbits in your particular area. Many cities and urban areas have strict regulations regarding raising animals within the city limits.

These restrictions may greatly impact the number (if any) of rabbits allowed, as well as the type of shelter that can be built. Checking local ordinances beforehand may prevent many headaches and stress.

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