Easy Garden Arbor Ideas – How To Make An Arbor For Your Garden

White Arbor in Garden
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An arbor is a tall structure for the garden that adds visual appeal and serves a purpose. Most often, these arbors are used as plant trellises, but they can also serve as interesting focal points. When it comes to the addition of a garden arbor, designs to create enjoyable greens spaces abound.

Creating Garden Arbor Designs

Garden arbor ideas are limitless, and can serve a multitude of purposes within the home landscape. While some arbors may be purely decorative, others can be used to create a welcoming seating area.

Regardless of its beauty and usefulness, many gardeners are hesitant to add these structures into their yards. For growers who are more budget savvy, the cost to purchase and install garden arbors can be quite expensive. Luckily, for adventurous homeowners, the internet is filled with tutorials and instructional posts regarding how to build your own DIY arbor.

While more ornate garden arbors may be difficult to replicate, less complex types can be created at a mere fraction of the cost. Familiarizing yourself with the process of building a garden arbor will help to decide whether this type of DIY project is right for you.

How to Build an Arbor

For those looking to make an easy garden arbor, the first step will be to acquire design plans. When choosing to build a DIY arbor, it will be important to obtain the design plans from a reliable source. This will ensure that the finished structure will be sound and is safe for its intended use. Professional plans will also ensure that builders are using the correct lumber and hardware. These aspects will be important, as they will help to make sure that the arbor will last in the garden for many years to come.

In choosing to make an arbor, it will also be important to choose a DIY project that is compatible with your own level of expertise. While many plans to build an arbor call for the use of power tools, those without competence for their safe use should opt to complete a less complicated project. Since most garden arbor designs are quite tall and large, the magnitude of the project may prove difficult for many. Being familiar with your own physical limitations will be imperative.

Those with construction skills and experience will likely find the process of building an arbor to be exceptionally easy. With a little research and effort, many homeowners will be able to create a beautiful garden structure for a fraction of the cost. This investment will not only save money, but will also add valuable appeal to home green spaces.

Garden Arbor Ideas

The following DIY arbor ideas can be tweaked to fit your skill level, pocketbook and garden style:

  • Rustic arbor – You can construct a rustic looking twig arbor using random sticks that are laying around the yard. If you have any willow trees handy, even better, as their branches are more pliable and can be easily bent into an arch shape.
  • Wooden arbor – There’s always the old standby of the traditional wooden arbor, generally built using a couple wooden posts that are secured into the ground with a wooden beam across the top of the posts, connecting them together. These are your sturdier arbors.
  • Arbor from ladders – You can use ladders to create an interesting arbor for the landscape. Whether it’s just one ladder opened up for plants to climb on or two ladders (one on each side) joined together with lattice across the top, these can make easy (and cheap) arbors for smaller plantings.
  • Metal arbors – If you’re handy with metal then you might consider crafting an arbor using metal rods or other pieces of recyclable materials.
  • Arbor of pots – There are some deigns for arbors that use plant pots in their construction. While a bit more complex, this type of arbor is great for the adventurous gardener.

There are many options for making your own arbor for the garden. As long as you stick with those that fit your particular skill set and know how, the ideas are limitless.

Tonya Barnett

Tonya Barnett has been gardening for 13 years. Flowers are her passion. She has transformed her backyard into a cut flower garden, which she regularly chronicles on her YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/@tonyawiththeflowers.