Professional Tree Removal – When To Call Tree Cutting Professionals

Worker Up In The Tree Cutting It Down
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While many homeowners take a DIY attitude toward tree trimming, the practice of pruning your own trees isn’t always safe or appropriate. Tree cutting professionals are arborists trained in pruning, cutting back, or removing trees safely.

When can you work on a tree yourself and when should you pay for professional tree removal or pruning? We’ll give you a framework for making that decision, plus tips on how to pick someone to help when you are having trees removed professionally.

Professional Tree Cutting Info

No matter how much you love trees, it’s important to accept that pruning a tree and tree removal are sometimes necessary. Tree pruning can be done to create a pleasing canopy but is often essential to maintain tree health and build a strong branch structure.

Since trees take years to grow to maturity and add value to a property, few homeowners are eager to take trees out completely. Tree removal is usually only the first option when the tree is dead, dying, or presents a risk to persons or property.

Homeowners can easily tackle basic tree trimming for a new, young tree. When serious pruning needs to be undertaken on large trees or a mature tree needs to be removed, you may want to consider professional tree cutting help.

When to Call Tree Cutting Professionals

Not every pruning job requires a professional, but some do. If your tree is mature and tall, it’s a good idea not to try trimming it yourself. Large branches have to be removed carefully to protect the tree’s health and the safety of those working on it.

Trees that are dead or damaged might be under attack from insect pests. Bringing in a trained arborist to help means that the problem can be diagnosed, and the pests can be contained. Sometimes, the tree can be saved by appropriate pruning and pesticide application.

Bringing in expertise is even more true when you need to remove the tree; professional tree removal is essential. Having trees removed professionally is the safe course if the tree is very large, close to your home or another building on the premises, or close to electric lines.

When you start searching for tree cutting professionals look for trained arborists. Arborists are trained to diagnose tree problems and recommend solutions including pruning, tree removal, and pest management.

Pick a company with arborists who are certified by professional organizations whether local, national, or international. This means that they have completed a course of study and training. Membership in these organizations doesn’t guarantee work quality but does show you professional commitment. 

Large trees can hurt or even kill people when they fall and can also do a lot of damage to a structure. The professionals know what to do and have experience.

Teo Spengler

Teo Spengler has been gardening for 30 years. She is a docent at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her passion is trees, 250 of which she has planted on her land in France.