Gardening To-Do List: September In The Upper Midwest


September garden tasks for Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa are varied during this seasonal transition. From getting the most out of the vegetable garden to taking care of the lawn and preparing for colder months, there is much to do in September in the upper Midwest.

Vegetable Gardening To-Do List for September

This is one of the best months of the year in the upper Midwest for vegetable gardeners. You’ve been harvesting all summer, but now is the big payoff. Here’s what to do now to harvest, extend, and prepare for winter:

September Lawn Care

This is a great time in the region to take care of your lawn and prepare for lusher, greener turn in the spring:

Tree, Shrub, and Perennial Care

Upper Midwest gardening in September is the right time for maintenance of your perennials, trees, and shrubs:

  • With cooler weather and more rain, now is the best time to put in new trees or shrubs. Water regularly to get roots established.
  • Certain trees take well to fall pruning including birch, black walnut, honey locust, maple, and oak.
  • Divide perennials that need it.
  • If you have tender perennials or bulbs, dig them up and bring them in for storage until warmer weather arrives again.

Other September Garden Chores

Once the big jobs are done, consider some additional chores before the month is out:

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