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Most Invasive Species In Michigan And The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Learn about some of the worst invasive plants to watch out for in the regions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa.

Best Vegetables To Grow In Michigan And The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

What are the best vegetables to grow in Michigan and the upper Midwest? Click here for a complete upper Midwest growing guide.

Upper Midwest Lawn Care Guide

By Mary Ellen Ellis

If you live in the Midwest US, you’ll need to know the rules for a healthy cool season turf lawn.

Best Annual Flowers For Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa

By Mary Ellen Ellis

What are the best annual flowers for Michigan and the east north central region? Click here to find out.

Best Plants For Pots In Michigan And The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Containers are great for the upper midwest region where many plants are too tender to survive as perennials. Click to learn more.

Upper Midwest Insects And Pests In The Home Garden

By Mary Ellen Ellis

The Upper Midwest of the US has its own range of pesty bugs and mammals. The most common ones are listed here.

Upper Midwest Ornamental Grasses For Year-Round Interest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

If you live in the upper mid west of the United States, read on for 13 of the best ornamental grasses for your region.

Gardening In Northern Michigan And The Upper Peninsula

By Mary Ellen Ellis

For gardening in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, you may need a little know how. Click here for info on how gardens survive the up north cold.

Gardening with Native Plants in The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

What are good plants for gardens in the upper Midwest? There are a wide range of beautiful native species to choose from. Click for more.

Growing Roses In The Midwest – Top Roses For Midwest Gardens

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing roses is possible in most gardens, but you do need to choose the right type. Click here for the best roses for your Midwest garden.

Upper Midwest Evergreens – Choosing Evergreen Shrubs For Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Evergreen shrubs are useful for year-round color and privacy. Many varieties thrive in upper Midwest states. Click here for some options.

Regional To-Do List: Upper Midwest Gardening In December

By Mary Ellen Ellis

December gardening tasks for Midwest states are limited but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Click here for a regional to-do list.

November In The Garden: Regional To-Do List For The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Chores begin to wind down in November for the upper Midwest gardener, but there are still things to do. Click here for a regional to-do list.

Upper Midwest Bushes: Choosing Shrubs For East North Central Gardens

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Shrubs are essential to the home garden and yard. For states within the upper Midwest region that grow well, click the following article.

East North Central Shrubs: Deciduous Shrubs In Upper Midwest Gardens

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing deciduous shrubs in upper Midwest regions depends largely on selecting the right species and varieties. Click here for options.

Flowers That Bloom In Fall: Learn About Fall Flowers In The Midwest

By Tonya Barnett, (Author of FRESHCUTKY)

Need plants for extended bloom through fall? Growing fall flowers in the Midwest requires planning, but there are many options. Click here.

Gardening To-Do List: September In The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

There is much to do in the garden during September in the upper Midwest region. Click here for a to-do list for September.

Midwest Shade Plants – Shade Tolerant Plants For Midwest Gardens

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Planning a shade garden in the Midwest is tricky. Plants must be adaptable to various conditions, depending on the region. Click here for some ideas.

North Central Shade Trees – Growing Shade Trees In The Northern U.S.

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Every yard needs a shade tree or two. North Central Midwest gardens are no exception. Click here to help choose the best ones for your yard.

August Gardening Tasks – Upper Midwest Gardening To-Do List

By Mary Ellen Ellis

August gardening tasks in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa are all about maintenance. Click here for your August upper Midwest to-do list.

Vines In The North: Choosing Vines For North Central Regions

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Perennial vines are popular in gardens for a number of reasons and are great for vertical spaces. Click here for options on North Central vines to grow.

North Central Perennials: What Are The Best Perennials For Northern Gardens

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Perennials are the staple of the flower garden. To learn about some North Central perennial options for your garden, click the following article.

July Garden Tasks – Tips For Upper Midwest Gardening

By Mary Ellen Ellis

July in the upper Midwest is busy. This is the hottest month of the year, and often dry, so watering is essential. Click here for other important tasks.

East North Central Lawns: Alternatives To Grass In Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Homeowners are realizing the benefits of ditching traditional grass. For ideas on East North Central lawn alternatives, click here.

Michigan Summer Flowers: Flowers For Hot Summers In Michigan

By Mary Ellen Ellis

The summer months can get very hot in Michigan, and not all flowers can stand up to the heat. Click here for summer flowers to plant in Michigan.

Upper Midwest Gardening – What To Do In June Gardens

By Mary Ellen Ellis

For many gardeners in the upper Midwest states, June is the best time of the year. Click here for June gardening tasks in the upper Midwest region.

Fruit For North Central Regions: Growing Fruit Trees In North Central States

By Laura Miller

Growing fruit trees in the upper northern U.S. region can be challenging. To learn what types of fruit trees grow in North Central regions, click here.

Gardening To-Do List: May Tasks In The Upper Midwest

By Mary Ellen Ellis

May tasks in upper Midwest gardening should keep you busy all month long. Click here to learn what you should do during this time.

Attracting Pollinating Insects: Native Pollinators In Upper Midwest States

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Whether growing fruits and vegetables or supporting the local ecosystem, go native to attract pollinators when you can. Find upper Midwest pollinators and plants here.

April Garden Maintenance: Upper Midwest Gardening Tasks

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Upper Midwest gardening really starts to get going in April. Here are some things to add to your garden to-do list this month.

Common Northern Conifers: Growing North Central Coniferous Plants

By Mary Ellen Ellis

Growing conifers in North Central states is natural. Coniferous trees that thrive in this region provide year-round greenery and privacy screening. They can grow quite tall and, with good care and time, will become striking focal points. Learn more here.

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