Information About Zone 5

Zone 5 Jasmine Plants: Tips On Growing Jasmine In Zone 5

If you’re a northern climate gardener, your choices for hardy zone 5 jasmine plants are very limited, as there are no true zone 5 jasmine plants. For more information about growing jasmine in zone 5, click on the following article.

Zone 5 Grape Varieties: Growing Grapes In Zone 5 Gardens

Grapes need lots of warm days to ripen and they only ripen on the vine. This used to make growing grapes in zone 5 or colder difficult, if not impossible, but newer varieties of cold hardy grapes makes growing grapevines for zone 5 promising. Learn more here.

Zone 5 Lavender Plants – Growing Cold Hardy Lavender Varieties

Lavender plants for zone 5 must be able to withstand temperatures of -10 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to -29 C.). There are primarily French and English lavender varieties, with the English the most cold tolerant. Learn more in this article.

Wildflowers For Zone 5 Gardens: Tips On Planting Wildflowers In Zone 5

Gardening in USDA plant hardiness zone 5 can present certain challenges. However, there are many cold hardy wildflowers that provide a bright splash of color, frequently lasting from early spring until the first frost. This article will help with suggestions.

Dealing With Common Zone 5 Weeds – Tips On Controlling Cold Climate Weeds

Most weeds are hardy plants that tolerate a very wide range of climates and growing conditions. However, common zone 5 weeds are those that are tough enough to withstand winter temperatures that dip down to -15 to -20 F. (-26 to -29). Learn more here.

Zone 5 Apple Trees – Growing Apples In Zone 5 Gardens

You may think that your zone 5 region is a little chilly for fruit trees like apples, but finding apple trees for zone 5 is a snap. Click this article for tips about great apple trees that grow in zone 5 landscapes and the best selections to grow.

Zone 5 Vegetables – When To Plant Zone 5 Vegetable Gardens

As with every region, vegetables for zone 5 have general planting guidelines. The following article contains information about when to plant zone 5 vegetables. Click here to learn more about vegetable gardening in zone 5.

Zone 5 Fig Trees – Growing A Fig Tree In Zone 5

Fig trees, native to the Mediterranean region, thrive in warm locations. Do hardy fig trees exist for those growing a fig tree in zone 5? Click on the article that follows for tips and information about fig trees in zone 5.

Hardy Rock Garden Plants: Growing Rock Gardens In Zone 5

Cold region gardens can pose real challenges to the landscaper. Rock gardens offer unmatched dimension, texture, drainage and diverse exposure. Growing rock gardens in zone 5 begins with carefully chosen plants, and this article can help.

Zone 5 Succulents: Tips On Growing Succulents In Zone 5

Zone 5 succulents have to withstand temperatures of -20 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 to -23 C.). Growing succulents in zone 5 requires carefully choosing the right species with a tolerance of these potential cold temperatures. This article will help.

Kiwi For Zone 5 Gardens – Tips On Growing Kiwi In Zone 5

There are several varieties of kiwi that are suited as zone 5 kiwi vines, and even some that will survive temps into zone 3. The following article contains information on types of kiwi for zone 5 and growing kiwi vines in this USDA region.

Invasive Zone 5 Plants: Avoiding Common Invasive Species In Zone 5

Zone 5 invasive plants include those that also thrive in higher zones, as many of these plants are hardy into warmer regions as well. Managing invasive plants in these areas is crucial to preventing their spread to outside states. Learn more here.

Fall Planting In Zone 5: Learn About Zone 5 Fall Garden Planting

In northern climates like zone 5, we create our checklist of all the lawn and garden chores we have to complete before winter sets in. No doubt there is plenty to do in the garden in autumn, but you should add one more chore to the list: fall planting. Learn more here.

Planting In Zone 5: Gardening Tips For Zone 5

Zone 5 plants can survive winter temperatures no lower than -20 degrees Fahrenheit. If a plant is hardy in zones 5-8, it would probably not survive in zone 4 or lower or zone 9 or higher. Learn about the best plants zone 5 gardens in this article.