Information About Zone 5

Fruit Trees For Zone 5: Selecting Fruit Trees That Grow In Zone 5

Many fruit trees thrive in chillier climes. If you are thinking of growing fruit trees in zone 5, you’ll have a number of options. Click on the following article for a discussion of fruit trees that grow in zone 5 and tips for choosing fruit trees for zone 5.

Hardy Flowering Shrubs: Growing Flowering Shrubs In Zone 5 Gardens

In cooler climates where the gardening season is limited, some flowering shrubs can give the landscape three to four seasons of interest. If you’re looking for a list of flowering shrubs for zone 5, in particular, then this article can help.

Zone 5 Flowering Trees – Tips On Growing Flowering Trees In Zone 5

While unique, exotic flowering trees were once hard to get, today most of us have the leisure of selecting from many ornamental trees. Even in cooler climates, like zone 5. Click this article to learn about popular flowering trees for zone 5 landscapes.

Holly Shrubs For Zone 5: Growing Holly Plants In Zone 5

Unfortunately, for those who live in chilly zone 5, there are few hardy holly varieties. However, growing holly plants in zone 5 is possible if you select carefully. Click this article for information about choosing holly shrubs for zone 5.

Zone 5 Privacy Hedges – Choosing Hedges For Zone 5 Gardens

The trick to planting an easy-care privacy hedge is to select shrubs that thrive in your particular climate. When you live in zone 5, you’ll need to select cold hardy shrubs. If you are considering privacy hedges for zone 5, click here for information, suggestions and tips.

Evergreen Trees For Zone 5: Growing Evergreens In Zone 5 Gardens

Zone 5 may not be the coldest region, but it’s cold enough to deserve some good evergreens. Click this article to learn more about growing evergreens in zone 5, including some of the best zone 5 evergreen trees to choose.

Zone 5 Yew Varieties – Growing Yews In Cold Climates

Cold hardy yews are outstanding performers both in ease of care and also versatility. Many can be sheared into a hedge and there are low growing specimens and tall, stately plants. There are many perfect yew plants for zone 5, and this article will help with recommendations.

Planting Vegetables In Zone 5 – Learn When To Plant Crops In Zone 5

Hardy plants can be set out earlier than tender ones but it also helps to have a rule of thumb for zone 5 vegetable planting. Along with a few tips and tricks, even northern gardeners can have bountiful crops and beautiful vegetables. This article will help.

Zone 5 Seed Starting: When To Start Seeds In Zone 5 Gardens

You need to know the best time for planting seeds in zone 5 to avoid killing freezes and get the best yields. The key is knowing the date of your last frost and using tricks like raised beds and cold frames to get a jump start on that garden. Learn more here.

Japanese Maples For Zone 5: Can Japanese Maples Grow In Zone 5 Climates

While there are varieties of Japanese maples for zone 5, and even some that are hardy in zone 4, many other varieties are only hardy to zone 6. Click the following article to learn more about growing Japanese maples in zone 5.

Zone 5 Dry Shade Gardens: Growing Zone 5 Plants In Dry Shade

Dry shade describes the conditions under a tree with a dense canopy. Thick layers of foliage prevent sun and rain from filtering through, leaving an inhospitable environment for flowers. Click here to find suggested flowering plants for dry shade in zone 5.

Zone 5 Nut Trees – Hardy Nut Trees That Grow In Zone 5

Nut trees add both beauty and bounty to the landscape. Most of them live a long time, so you can think of them as a legacy to future generations. There are many factors to consider when choosing zone 5 nut trees, and this article covers the trees best suited to the area.

Zone 5 Weeping Trees – Growing Weeping Trees In Zone 5

Different types of weeping trees can be placed in different beds to add variety, while also carrying out shape consistency throughout the landscape. Nearly every hardiness zone has a few choices of weeping trees. This article will discuss growing weeping trees in zone 5.

Zone 5 Flower Bulbs: Choosing Bulbs For Zone 5 Gardens

If you plant bulbs in in the fall, you’re guaranteeing color and life in your garden early in the spring, probably long before you’re able to go out and plant anything with your hands. So what are some good cold hardy bulbs? Learn about growing bulbs in zone 5 here.

Zone 5 Native Grasses – Types Of Grass For Zone 5 Climates

Grasses add incredible beauty and texture to the landscape all year round, even in northern climates that experience sub-zero winter temperatures. Click this article for more information about cold hardy grasses and a few examples of the best grasses for zone 5.

Zone 5 Shade Loving Plants – Choosing Zone 5 Shade Plants

Shady garden situations are one of the most challenging in which to plant. In zone 5, your challenges go up to include frigid winters. However, there are plenty of options for shade plants in zone 5. This article has suggestions to help get you started.

Bushes For Zone 5 Climates – Tips On Planting Zone 5 Shrubs

There are many options for growing shrubs in zone 5. Zone 5 shrub varieties can be used as privacy screens, accent plants along with seasonal color or as border plants. Click this article to find out about bushes for zone 5 climates.

Cold Hardy Vines For Zone 5: Growing Vines In Zone 5 Climates

Cold hardy vines for zone 5 do exist, but you’ll have to search for them. Use the information found in this article to learn more about a few of the zone 5 vine varieties that are perennials worth planting in the landscape.

Zone 5 Annuals – Choosing Cold Hardy Annual Plants

In zone 5, lantana cannot survive the winter, so it does not become an invasive nuisance. Like lantana, many of the plants we grow as annuals in zone 5 are perennials in warmer climates. Click this article for more information on common zone 5 annuals.

Zone 5 Magnolia Trees – Tips On Growing Magnolia Trees In Zone 5

Can magnolia trees grow in zone 5? While some magnolia species won’t tolerate zone 5 winters, you’ll find attractive specimens that will. If you want to know about the best magnolia trees for zone 5 or have other questions, click this article to learn more.

Growing Trees In Zone 5: Planting Trees In Zone 5 Gardens

Growing trees in zone 5 isn’t too difficult. A lot of trees will grow with no problem, and even if you stick to native trees, your options will be pretty broad. Here’s a list of some of the more interesting trees for zone 5 landscapes.

Zone 5 Rhododendrons – Tips On Planting Rhododendrons In Zone 5

Those who live in cooler regions need to select hardy rhododendron varieties to be sure the bushes make it through the winter. For tips on planting rhododendrons in zone 5, as well as a list of good zone 5 rhododendrons, click the following article.

Zone 5 Shade Shrubs – Best Bushes For Zone 5 Shade Gardens

The key to planting a beautiful shade garden is finding attractive shrubs that thrive in shade in your hardiness zone. If you live in zone 5, your climate is on the cool side. However, you’ll find lots of options for bushes for zone 5 shade. This article will help.

Hardy Ground Cover Plants – Planting Ground Covers In Zone 5

Planting ground covers in zone 5 also helps conserve moisture in summer, reduce weeds and add seamless beauty in broad colorful swathes across the landscape. Click this article for some hardy ground cover options for your northern garden.

Cold Hardy Cactus: Cactus Plants For Zone 5 Gardens

If you live in USDA plant hardiness zone 5, you’re accustomed to dealing with some very cold winters. As a result, gardening choices are limited, but there are several types of cold hardy cactus that tolerate sub-zero winters. Learn more about cactus plants for zone 5 here.

Butterfly Gardening In Zone 5: Hardy Plants That Attract Butterflies

If you love butterflies and want to attract more of them to your garden, consider planting a butterfly garden. Think plants for butterflies won’t survive in your cooler zone 5 region? Think again. This article will help get you started with zone 5 butterfly gardening.

Common Zone 5 Perennials – Perennial Flowers For Zone 5 Gardens

Zone 5 plants cannot survive in temperatures lower than -15 to -20 degrees F. (-26 to –29 C.). Fortunately, there are many plants, especially perennials, which can survive in zone 5 and lower. Learn more about growing perennials in zone 5 in the following article.

Zone 5 Rosemary Plants – Tips On Growing Rosemary In Zone 5

Rosemary is traditionally a warm climate plant, but agronomists have been busy developing cold hardy rosemary cultivars suitable for growing in cold northern climates. This article provides additional information on rosemary for zone 5 gardens.

Cold Hardy Iris Plants – Choosing Irises For Zone 5 Gardens

Because irises are so diverse, there are plenty of cold hardy iris varieties available. Use the information in this article to learn more about growing iris plants in cold climates, specifically how to pick the best irises for zone 5 gardens.

Can Crepe Myrtle Grow In Zone 5 – Learn About Zone 5 Crepe Myrtle Trees

If you live in a cooler clime, you may despair of finding cold hardy crepe myrtle trees. However, growing crepe myrtles in zone 5 regions is possible. Find information on zone 5 crepe myrtle trees in the article that follows.

Zone 5 Berries – Choosing Cold Hardy Berry Plants

So you live in a cooler region of the United States but want to grow more of your own food, like berries. There are many edible berries suitable for zone 5, some commonplace and some lesser known. Learn more in this article.

Cold Hardy Lilies: Tips On Growing Lilies In Zone 5

The most cold hardy lilies are the Asiatic species, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow other types in cool regions. Growing lilies in zone 5, for example, will require lifting for winter, but there are many options. Learn more in this article.

Zone 5 Yarrow Plants: Can Yarrow Grow In Zone 5 Gardens

On top of its striking flowers and feathery foliage, yarrow is prized for its hardiness. It is resistant to pests like deer and rabbits, it grows in most types of soil, and it is very cold hardy. Learn more about hardy yarrow plants, particularly yarrow varieties for zone 5, here.

Zone 5 Water Plants: Tips On Growing Water Loving Plants In Zone 5

The essential part of making water features look natural is the addition of water loving plants. Those of us in cooler climates can still have beautiful water features with the proper selection of hardy water plants. Learn about zone 5 water garden plants here.

Cold Hardy Bamboo: Choosing Bamboo Plants For Zone 5 Gardens

Bamboo is a great addition to the garden, as long as it’s kept in line. Finding cold hardy bamboo plants can be a little tricky, however, especially in zone 5. Click this article to learn more about some of the best bamboo plants for zone 5 landscapes.

Cold Hardy Herbs – Tips On Planting Herbs In Zone 5 Gardens

Although many herbs are Mediterranean natives that won’t survive cold winters, you may be surprised at the number of beautiful, aromatic herbs that grow in zone 5 climates. Click the article that follows for a list of hardy zone 5 herb plants.

Cold Hardy Gardenias – Selecting Gardenias For Zone 5 Gardens

Cold hardy gardenias are available in commerce, but that doesn’t guarantee zone 5 gardenia shrubs. For more information if you are thinking of growing gardenias in zone 5, you may want to click this article.

Hardy Cherry Trees – Cherry Trees For Zone 5 Gardens

If you live in USDA zone 5 and want to grow cherry trees, you’re in luck. Whether you’re growing the trees for the sweet or sour fruit or just want an ornamental, almost all cherry trees are suited for zone 5. Fine out more in this article.

Zone 5 Yucca Plants – Choosing Yuccas For Zone 5 Gardens

There are over 40 species of these rosette forming plants, with hardiness ranges across the map. If you do your homework, you can find a Yucca species that will survive and thrive in even the coolest zones. This article will help with Yuccas for zone 5 gardens.

Cold Hardy Fern Plants: Tips On Growing Ferns In Zone 5

Ferns are fantastic plants to grow because of their wide adaptability. Quite a few fern species are particularly good at thriving in cold climates. Click this article to learn more about selecting hardy ferns for zone 5 gardens.

Zone 5 Xeriscape Plants: Tips On Xeriscaping In Zone 5

While many parts of U.S. hardiness zone 5 get a good amount of precipitation at certain times of the year and rarely have water restrictions, we still should be conscience of how we use water. Click here to learn more about xeriscaping in zone 5 gardens.

Hibiscus For Zone 5 Gardens: Tips On Zone 5 Hibiscus Care

No one ever looks at a suntan bottle with a large hibiscus flower and thinks of Iowa, Illinois, or the like. However, even in in these climates, with proper selection of zone 5 hibiscus plants found here, you can have your own tropical paradise in your northern backyard.

Zone 5 Deer Resistant Perennials – Perennials That Are Deer Resistant In Zone 5

Deer can be the bane of a gardener’s existence. There are effective ways to deter deer and block them from your plants, but one particularly good method is to plant things they don’t want to begin with. Click here for perennials that are deer resistant in zone 5.

Zone 5 Hydrangeas – Growing Hydrangeas In Zone 5 Gardens

With several species being hardy all the way down to zone 3, hydrangeas can grow in just about any location. However, in zone 5 and above, gardeners have more hardy varieties of hydrangeas to choose from. Learn more about zone 5 hydrangeas here.

Zone 5 Watermelons – Learn About Cold Hardy Watermelon Plants

Love watermelon but haven’t had any luck growing them in your northern region? Watermelons like hot, sunny sites. This makes growing watermelons in USDA zone 5 quite a challenge, but not totally impossible. Learn more in this article.

Zone 5 Ornamental Grasses: Choosing Ornamental Grass Varieties In Zone 5

Ornamental grasses for zone 5 must withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 C.) along with the ice and snow. Choosing plants often starts with contacting your local extension office, but this article can help too.

Zone 5 Tropical Looking Plants: Choosing Tropical Plants For Cold Climates

You may have a difficult time finding true tropical plants that grow outdoors in USDA zone 5, but you can definitely grow zone 5 tropical looking plants that give your garden a lush, tropical appearance. Click this article for a few great suggestions.

Hardy Azalea Varieties: How To Choose Zone 5 Azalea Shrubs

People who live in northern climates can have beautiful azaleas, too. In fact, most azaleas are hardy in zones 5-9, and since they can suffer from excessive heat, northern climates can be perfect for growing them. Learn about azalea varieties for zone 5 here.

Zone 5 Jasmine Plants: Tips On Growing Jasmine In Zone 5

If you’re a northern climate gardener, your choices for hardy zone 5 jasmine plants are very limited, as there are no true zone 5 jasmine plants. For more information about growing jasmine in zone 5, click on the following article.

Zone 5 Grape Varieties: Growing Grapes In Zone 5 Gardens

Grapes need lots of warm days to ripen and they only ripen on the vine. This used to make growing grapes in zone 5 or colder difficult, if not impossible, but newer varieties of cold hardy grapes makes growing grapevines for zone 5 promising. Learn more here.

Zone 5 Lavender Plants – Growing Cold Hardy Lavender Varieties

Lavender plants for zone 5 must be able to withstand temperatures of -10 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to -29 C.). There are primarily French and English lavender varieties, with the English the most cold tolerant. Learn more in this article.

Wildflowers For Zone 5 Gardens: Tips On Planting Wildflowers In Zone 5

Gardening in USDA plant hardiness zone 5 can present certain challenges. However, there are many cold hardy wildflowers that provide a bright splash of color, frequently lasting from early spring until the first frost. This article will help with suggestions.

Dealing With Common Zone 5 Weeds – Tips On Controlling Cold Climate Weeds

Most weeds are hardy plants that tolerate a very wide range of climates and growing conditions. However, common zone 5 weeds are those that are tough enough to withstand winter temperatures that dip down to -15 to -20 F. (-26 to -29). Learn more here.

Zone 5 Apple Trees – Growing Apples In Zone 5 Gardens

You may think that your zone 5 region is a little chilly for fruit trees like apples, but finding apple trees for zone 5 is a snap. Click this article for tips about great apple trees that grow in zone 5 landscapes and the best selections to grow.

Zone 5 Vegetables – When To Plant Zone 5 Vegetable Gardens

As with every region, vegetables for zone 5 have general planting guidelines. The following article contains information about when to plant zone 5 vegetables. Click here to learn more about vegetable gardening in zone 5.

Zone 5 Fig Trees – Growing A Fig Tree In Zone 5

Fig trees, native to the Mediterranean region, thrive in warm locations. Do hardy fig trees exist for those growing a fig tree in zone 5? Click on the article that follows for tips and information about fig trees in zone 5.

Hardy Rock Garden Plants: Growing Rock Gardens In Zone 5

Cold region gardens can pose real challenges to the landscaper. Rock gardens offer unmatched dimension, texture, drainage and diverse exposure. Growing rock gardens in zone 5 begins with carefully chosen plants, and this article can help.

Zone 5 Succulents: Tips On Growing Succulents In Zone 5

Zone 5 succulents have to withstand temperatures of -20 to -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 to -23 C.). Growing succulents in zone 5 requires carefully choosing the right species with a tolerance of these potential cold temperatures. This article will help.

Kiwi For Zone 5 Gardens – Tips On Growing Kiwi In Zone 5

There are several varieties of kiwi that are suited as zone 5 kiwi vines, and even some that will survive temps into zone 3. The following article contains information on types of kiwi for zone 5 and growing kiwi vines in this USDA region.

Invasive Zone 5 Plants: Avoiding Common Invasive Species In Zone 5

Zone 5 invasive plants include those that also thrive in higher zones, as many of these plants are hardy into warmer regions as well. Managing invasive plants in these areas is crucial to preventing their spread to outside states. Learn more here.

Fall Planting In Zone 5: Learn About Zone 5 Fall Garden Planting

In northern climates like zone 5, we create our checklist of all the lawn and garden chores we have to complete before winter sets in. No doubt there is plenty to do in the garden in autumn, but you should add one more chore to the list: fall planting. Learn more here.

Planting In Zone 5: Gardening Tips For Zone 5

Zone 5 plants can survive winter temperatures no lower than -20 degrees Fahrenheit. If a plant is hardy in zones 5-8, it would probably not survive in zone 4 or lower or zone 9 or higher. Learn about the best plants zone 5 gardens in this article.