Information About Zone 7

Zone 7 Japanese Maple Varieties: Choosing Japanese Maple Trees For Zone 7

Japanese maple trees are fabulous additions to the landscape. With dazzling autumn foliage and attractive summer foliage to match, these trees are always worth having around. Click here to learn more about growing Japanese maples in zone 7 gardens.

Planting Fall gardens: Fall Gardening Guide For Zone 7 Gardens

Planting fall gardens extends the gardening season so you can continue to use your own fresh produce. The following fall garden guide for zone 7 discusses fall planting times and crop options in zone 7. Click here to learn more.

Cold Hardy Hibiscus: Tips On Growing Hibiscus In Zone 7

Growing hibiscus in zone 7 means finding cold hardy hibiscus varieties that can withstand some of the colder temperatures in this growing region. There are plenty of varieties that those of us in colder regions can enjoy. This article will help with suggestions.

Can Olive Trees Grow In Zone 7: Types Of Cold Hardy Olive Trees

When you think about an olive tree, you probably imagine it growing somewhere hot and dry, like southern Spain or Greece. There are varieties of cold hardy olive trees that thrive in regions you might not have expected to be olive-friendly. Learn about zone 7 olives here.

Rosemary Plants For Zone 7: Choosing Hardy Rosemary Plants For The Garden

While a few varieties of rosemary plants are labelled as hardy down to zone 7, the growth of these plants will be nothing like the dense full growth of rosemary plants in warmer climates. Click this article to learn more about growing rosemary in zone 7.

Zone 7 Rose Varieties – Tips On Growing Roses In Zone 7 Gardens

In regards to finding hardy roses for zone 7, it's better to select roses based on their cold hardiness and provide them with some dappled shade during hot summer afternoons. Click here for more information on zone 7 rose varieties and tips on growing roses in zone 7.

Zone 7 Hedges: Tips On Growing Hedges In Zone 7 Landscapes

Hedges are not only practical property-line markers, but also can provide wind blocks or attractive screens to preserve your yard’s privacy. If you live in zone 7, you’ll want to take your time selecting from the many available hedge plants for zone 7. This article will help.

Zone 7 Junipers: Growing Juniper Bushes In Zone 7 Gardens

Junipers are evergreen plants that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But which type of juniper shrubs are best suited to growing in zone 7? Click the article that follows to learn more about selecting junipers for zone 7 landscapes.

Zone 7 Year Round Plants – Year Round Plants For Landscaping In Zone 7

While very few plants are in bloom year round, four season plants can add interest to the landscape in other ways besides flowering. Learn more about year round plants for zone 7 in this article. Click here for additional information.

Hardy Flowering Trees: Tips On Growing Ornamental Trees In Zone 7

Most zone 7 ornamental trees produce vibrant blooms in spring or summer and many finish the season with bright autumn color. If you’re in the market for ornamental trees in zone 7, click this article for a few ideas to get you started.

Hardy Vine Plants: Tips On Growing Vines In Zone 7 Landscapes

Vines are great. If you want them to come back in the spring, however, it’s important to make sure they’re winter hardy in your area. Click the following article to learn more about growing vines in zone 7, and some of the most common to choose from.

Types Of Zone 7 Shade Trees – Tips On Choosing Trees For Zone 7 Shade

Regardless of which shade trees for zone 7 you seek, you’ll have your pick of deciduous and evergreen varieties. This article will help get you started with suggestions for zone 7 shade trees to plant in your landscape. Click here for more information.

Zone 7 Palm Trees – Palm Trees That Grow In Zone 7

When you think palm trees, you tend to think heat. But some other varieties are actually very hardy and can withstand temperatures well below zero. Click this article to learn more about hardy palm trees, particularly palm trees that grow in zone 7.

Zone 7 Nut Trees: Choosing Nut Trees For Zone 7 Climates

We often think of garden edibles as only fruits and vegetable plants, and overlook the fact that some of our beautiful shade trees also produce nutritious nuts that we could be harvesting. This article will discuss what nut trees grow in zone 7.

Zone 7 Yuccas: Choosing Yucca Plants For Zone 7 Gardens

While it's true that yucca plants are native to dry, desert-like locations, they can also grow in many cooler climates. There are a few yucca varieties that are hardy down to zone 3. In this article, we will discuss growing yucca in zone 7 regions.

Caring For Hardy Hydrangeas: Learn About Zone 7 Hydrangea Planting

Gardeners have no shortage of choices when it comes to choosing hydrangea for zone 7, where the climate is well suited for a huge variety of hardy hydrangeas. Here is a list of just a few zone 7 hydrangeas, along with a few of their most significant characteristics.

Hardy Succulent Plants – Tips On Growing Succulents In Zone 7

Zone 7 is not terribly extreme and most succulents will thrive in its relatively mild winters. Succulents are one of the easiest plant groups for which to care and their wide variety and charming appearance adds a quirky sense of fun to the landscape. Learn more here.

Apple Trees For Zone 7 – What Apple Trees Grow In Zone 7

Not all apple trees will grow in all climates, and it’s a good idea to pick a tree that’s suited to your zone before you plant and wind up disappointed. Click this article to learn more about planting apples in zone 7 and some of the best zone 7 apples.

Zone 7 Evergreen Trees – Growing Evergreen Trees In Zone 7 Landscapes

Although the weather in USDA plant hardiness zone 7 isn’t particularly severe, it isn’t uncommon for winter temperatures to fall below the freezing point. Fortunately, there are a huge number of beautiful, hardy evergreen varieties from which to choose. Learn more here.

Growing Zone 7 Fruit Trees: Tips On Planting Fruit Trees In Zone 7 Gardens

There are many different fruit trees that grow in zone 7. These fruit growers can take advantage of the best of both worlds. For tips on planting or a list of fruit trees for zone 7, simply click on the article that follows to learn more.

Zone 7 Deer Resistant Shrubs: What Are Bushes That Deer Don’t Like

In the blink of an eye, a hungry deer can strip a large shrub of its foliage or rub huge wounds in a tree's bark. Fortunately, while certain plants attract certain animals, certain plants are also avoided by them. Find a list of zone 7 deer resistant shrubs here.

Zone 7 Shade Plants – Shade Gardening In Zone 7 Climates

Plants that tolerate shade and also provide interesting foliage or beautiful flowers are highly sought after. The plants you choose depend on your region and can vary widely. This article will provide suggestions for shade gardening in zone 7.

Planting Zone 7 Evergreens: Tips On Growing Evergreen Shrubs In Zone 7

USDA planting zone 7 a relatively moderate climate where summers aren’t blazing hot and winter cold usually isn’t severe. If you’re in the market for zone 7 evergreen shrubs, there are many plants that create interest and beauty year round. Click here for a few.

Zone 7 Garlic Planting – Learn When To Plant Garlic In Zone 7

Garlic is easy to grow and depending upon the type, thrives to USDA zones 4 or even zone 3. This means that growing garlic plants in zone 7 should be no problem for garlic devotees in that region. Click here to find out when to plant garlic and garlic varieties suited for zone 7.

Vegetables For Zone 7 – Learn About Vegetable Gardening In Zone 7

Zone 7 is a fantastic climate for growing vegetables. With a relatively cool spring and fall and a long, hot summer, it’s ideal for virtually all vegetables, as long as you know when to plant them. Learn more about planting a zone 7 vegetable garden in this article.

Zone 7 Ornamental Grasses – Learn About Various Types Of Zone 7 Grass

All grass-like plants are included in the term ornamental grasses. If you live in zone 7 and are interested in planting ornamental grass plants, you will have a number of types to choose from. This article will help get you started with suitable grasses for zone 7.

Zone 7 Cactus: Choosing Cactus Plants For Zone 7 Gardens

Zone 7 is actually a perfect climate and temperature range for many types of cactus. The biggest problem for zone 7 cactus is usually soil type, which should be well draining and slightly gritty. There are many cactus plants for zone 7 and this article will help with suggestions.

Zone 7 Evergreen Groundcovers – Growing Evergreen Groundcover In Zone 7

In zone 7, you need hardy evergreen groundcover plants for year round benefits. Choosing the right evergreen groundcovers for zone 7 will enliven the landscape and provide all the above benefits and more. Find suitable suggestions in this article.

Hardy Bamboo Plants: Growing Bamboo In Zone 7 Gardens

Gardeners tend to think of bamboo plants as flourishing in the hottest areas of the tropics. And this is true. Some varieties are cold hardy, however, and grow in places where it snows in winter. If you live in zone 7, you’ll need to find hardy bamboo plants. Learn more here.

Zone 7 Evergreen Trees – Choosing Evergreen Trees For Zone 7 Climates

Whether you want conifers or broadleaf specimens, evergreen trees provide lasting beauty to the landscape. Zone 7 evergreen trees span a wide range of sizes, colors and leaf types to enhance the garden. Find popular choices for this region in this article.

Zone 7 Drought Tolerant Perennials: Perennial Plants That Tolerate Dry Conditions

If you live in a dry climate, keeping your plants watered is a constant battle. Avoid the hassle and have a garden that’s happy to take care of itself by planting drought tolerant plants. Learn more about choosing drought tolerant perennials for zone 7 in this article.

Zone 7 Kiwi Vines: Learn About Hardy Varieties Kiwi For Zone 7 Climates

For USDA zone 7 or above dwellers, there are several kiwi plants suited to your zones. These types of kiwi are referred to as fuzzy kiwi, but there are also hardy kiwi fruit varieties that also make suitable zone 7 kiwi vines. Interested in learning more? Click here.

Zone 7 Annual Flowers – Selecting Zone 7 Annuals For The Garden

Who can resist spring annuals? They are often the first flowering plants in the garden. Time of last frost and hardiness are important aspects when choosing zone 7 annual flowers. Click the following article for suggestions on annuals that thrive in this zone.

Zone 7 Citrus Trees: Tips On Growing Citrus Trees In Zone 7

Many of us would love to grow our own citrus but, unfortunately, don’t reside in the sunny state of Florida. The good news is that there are several hardy citrus tree varieties – being citrus trees suitable for zone 7 or even colder. Click here for zone 7 citrus trees.

Shrubs For Dry Climates: What Are Some Zone 7 Drought Tolerant Bushes

If you live in USDA plant hardiness zone 7 and are seeking shrubs with drought tolerance, you are in luck. You will find more than a few drought tolerant shrubs for zone 7 available in commerce. For suggestions and more information, click this article.

Choosing Flowers For Zone 7: Tips On Growing Flowers In Zone 7

Selecting suitable flowers for zone 7 climates presents a wealth of opportunities. In fact, you can grow all but the most tropical, warm-weather plants in your zone 7 climate. Click the following article to learn more about the best types of zone 7 flowers.

Zone 7 Deciduous Trees: Tips On Selecting Hardy Deciduous Trees For Zone 7

Selecting deciduous trees for zone 7 is easy, and gardeners can choose from a very long list of beautiful, commonly planted deciduous trees. For examples of zone 7 deciduous trees and suggestions that provide fall color or summer shade, click this article.

Zone 7 Vegetable Planting: When To Plant Vegetables In Zone 7

Planting a vegetable garden in zone 7 should be carefully timed to prevent potential frost damage that may occur if veggies are in the ground too early in spring or too late in fall. Learn some helpful tips on vegetable gardening in zone 7 in this article.

Zone 7 Bushes And Shrubs – Choosing Shrubs For Zone 7 Climates

Choosing shrubs for zone 7 gardens is only difficult because if the vast range of appropriate candidates. You’ll find zone 7 bushes and shrubs in all sizes, from groundcover to small trees. For some suggestions for popular bushes for zone 7 gardens, click here.

Zone 7 Seed Planting – Learn When To Plant Seeds In Zone 7

Sometimes it’s difficult to find that perfect window of opportunity for growing seeds, but the key is to consider weather in your specific area and the particular needs of each plant. The following article provides a few general guidelines for zone 7 seed planting.

Zone 7 Herb Plants: Choosing Herbs For Zone 7 Gardens

Residents of USDA zone 7 have a wealth of plants suited to this growing area and among these are many hardy herbs. The following article provides a list of suitable zone 7 herb plants, information about choosing herbs for zone 7 and helpful tips when growing herbs in zone 7.

Zone 7 Flower Bulbs: Planting Bulbs In Zone 7 Gardens

Zone 7 is a relatively mild region but temperatures can get to 0 degrees F. (-18 C.) on occasion, a level that may damage some bulbs. Some suggestions on the types of flowers suitable as well as tips on caring for zone 7 bulbs can help. Click here for more info.

Hardy Cover Crops – Growing Cover Crops In Zone 7 Gardens

Cover crops add nutrients to depleted soils, prevent weeds and control erosion. Which type of cover crop you use depends on which season it is and what your specific needs are in the area and hardiness zone. In this article, we’ll discuss growing cover crops in zone 7.

Zone 7 Full Sun Plants – Choosing Zone 7 Plants That Grow In Full Sun

Not everything will grow well in zone 7, particularly in full sun. While zone 7 is far from tropical, it can be too much for some plants. Learn more about gardening in direct sunlight in zone 7, and the best plants for zone 7 full sun exposure in this article.

Zone 7 Jasmine Plants: Choosing Hardy Jasmine For Zone 7 Climates

Jasmine looks like a tropical plant, its white blossoms bearing a wildly romantic fragrance. But in fact, true jasmine won’t bloom at all without a period of winter chill. That means that it isn’t difficult to find hardy jasmine for zone 7. Learn more here.

Common Invasive Plants In Zone 7: Learn About Zone 7 Plants To Avoid

It’s generally a good idea to avoid planting invasives. What are the invasive plants in zone 7? Click on this article for information about zone 7 plants to avoid cultivating in your garden, as well as tips on invasive plant alternatives.

Zone 7 Plants: Learn About Planting A Garden In Zone 7

If you are planting a garden in zone 7, you’ll be able to choose among a wide variety of veggies and flowers. This article provides information and garden tips for zone 7. Click here to learn more about planting in this zone.