Zone 7 Full Sun Plants – Choosing Zone 7 Plants That Grow In Full Sun

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Zone 7 is a nice climate for gardening. The growing season is relatively long, but the sun isn’t too bright or hot. That being said, not everything will grow well in zone 7, particularly in full sun. While zone 7 is far from tropical, it can be too much for some plants. Keep reading to learn more about gardening in direct sunlight in zone 7, and the best plants for zone 7 full sun exposure.

Zone 7 Plants That Grow in Full Sun

Since there are way too many plants that can be grown in this climate, choosing a favorite plant that tolerates full sun can be difficult. For a more complete list of direct sun plants in your area, contact your local extension office for information. And with that, here are some of the more popular choices for zone 7 full sun plants: Crape Myrtle – Also called crepe myrtle, this beautiful, showy shrub or small tree is hardy down to zone 7 and produces stunning summer flowers, especially in full sun. Italian Jasmine – Hardy down to zone 7, these shrubs are very easy to care for and rewarding to grow. They produce fragrant bright yellow flowers in late spring and throughout the summer. Winter Honeysuckle – Hardy to zone 7, this shrub is extremely fragrant. Check with your local extension office before planting, though – honeysuckle can be very invasive in some areas. Daylily – Hardy all the way from zone 3 through 10, these versatile flowers come in a huge range of colors and love the sun. Buddleia – Also called butterfly bush, this plant is hardy from zones 5 through 10. It can range between 3 and 20 feet (1-6 m.) in height, trending toward taller in warm climates where it’s less likely to die back in the winter. It produces stunning flower spikes in shades of red, white, or blue (and some cultivars are yellow). Coreopsis – Hardy from zones 3 through 9, this perennial groundcover produces lots of pink or bright yellow, daisy like flowers throughout the summer. Sunflower – While most sunflowers are annuals, the plant gets its name from its love of sunshine and grows quite well in zone 7 gardens.

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